Hugo Manos unfaithful to Laurent Ruquier? The young man makes revelations about his sex life

Hugo Manos spoke of his relationship with Laurent Ruquier on the Touche set not at my post this Friday, April 22. The young man did not hesitate to make revelations.

Cyril Hanouna is a host who does not hesitate to discuss the private lives of his columnists. All are used to it and it is in complete transparency that they chain the confidences. While he was talking about the holidays on the Touche set not at my post this Friday, April 22, the host of C8 asked them to make him dream. For this, it was Hugo Manos who spoke. “Every summer I am in Mykonos. Do you know ?“, he asked Cyril Hanouna before explaining his program: “Sun, Sun, beach, party, a little alcohol, women and men“. A revelation that greatly surprised Matthieu Delormeau: “Your friend is not coming?“, he then launched. To which the principal concerned simply replied: “Mykonos is my week with my friends“. That has the merit of being clear.

Hugo Manos continues the revelations and the columnists are very surprised. “I spend my whole summer with him so I can spend a week alone with my friends“, he affirmed before adding: “During this week i’m having a blast“. A statement to which Cyril Hanouna immediately asked: “Does it include the whole whole body?“, implying that the young man could thus deceive Laurent Ruquier. “I’m in a relationship, I do nothing“, said Hugo Manos. “JI can’t make love for a week guys, I’m not a beast. Nothing at all. If we dance, we’re in the evening, I don’t throw people away but that’s it”he continued before specifying: “Matthew, you seem dubious“. To which the columnist indicated: “Is it a free couple?“. For his part, Hugo Manos quickly replied: “But are you crazy or what? There are plenty of couples who can leave without their boyfriend or their girlfriend“, he concluded. Words that do not go unnoticed.

Hugo Manos: when did he formalize his relationship with Laurent Ruquier?

Columnist for the TPMP People program on C8, Hugo Manos confirmed on February 12 that he shared the life of Laurent Ruquier, the host of France Télévisions and RTL. “Matthieu, you have to look at the magazines. He wrote everywhere: ‘Laurent Ruquier and his companion, Hugo Manos’. So it’s not really an exclusive. We’ve been living together for four years, he revealed. Last March, it was Laurent Ruquier who went to some confidences concerning the confinement spent with Hugo Manos: “It was a good test to prove that we were meant to be together. In addition, we were more or less of the same opinion on the absurdity of the situation. The confinement impacted him more than me because he owns a gym”, he said. Today, both are very happy.


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