Humberto Zurita accepts his courtship with Stephanie Salas

Humberto Zurita is about to leave his civil status as a widower. The Mexican actor confirmed that he is madly in love with his compatriot Stephanie Salas, giving each other a second chance at love.

“The only thing I’m going to tell you is: I love her, period. Okay? Clever. The rest, you there write what you want, say what you want”, expressed Zurita to the Maxine Woodside program.

After weeks of rumours, it was the mother of the actress and singer, Sylvia Pasquel, who a few days ago had leaked affirmative comments about the romance.

The 68-year-old Mexican actor was widowed on February 26, 2019 when his wife and mother of his two children (Sebastián and Emiliano Zurita), the Argentine-Mexican Christian Bach, died at the age of 59.

Zurita’s fans had time asking him to rebuild his love life, because despite the fact that he has shown great respect for the memory of the mother of his children, life in solitude was not very much to his liking for his beloved star.

After his love confession, Humberto Zurita clarified to the media that he is not willing to share his personal life with the world, because for him these types of topics are exclusive, putting a stop to future questions about his new partner, since that will not answer anything else.

“These are personal things that I’m not interested in talking about, that’s all, and you as a journalist know how to approach it, one of your colleagues told me that, ‘I saw them’, and why didn’t you ask me at the time, you missed the note”, commented Zurita.

Zurita is known for “Once we will have wings” (1997) and other telenovelas, or in series such as “La querida del Centauro” and “La Reina del Sur”, along with actress Kate del Castillo, as well as movies, among them ” Under the Salt” (2008), by director Mario Muñoz.

Stephanie Salas, 52, is the “favorite granddaughter” of the last diva of the Mexican Golden Cinema (Silvia Pinal), and is the mother of the influencer Michelle Salas, whom she fathered 33 years ago with the Mexican singer Luis Miguel.