Humberto Zurita talks about the last will of Christian Bach

During an interview on the program The minute my destiny changed, Humberto Zurita He talked about how hard his wife’s departure was three years ago, but he also stressed that neither he nor his children will reveal the reason why he died, a request that was the last will of the actress.

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Failure to disclose cause of death Christian Bach It is a secret that she and her family will take to the grave, since Humberto Zurita stressed that it was something that she decided and that must be respected. On March 1, 2019, through a statement, the family shared that the actress had died on February 26.

Situation for which they asked for respect, this without giving details about the cause of his death, although in 2017 an Argentine media made public the news that Christian Bach suffered from a strong degenerative illness in the bones, which is why he had moved away from television.

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This news was only a rumor, since the family never confirmed that it was real or false, so in the program The minute that changed my destiny, the actor She made a point of never revealing the cause of her death, since she decided so, it was her last wish.

“It is something that she decided, she took that decision in his life and he kept it and we keep it, and that’s how it will always be. We said what we had to say, we communicated to the people and to his fans that he had died, but we shouldn’t make a circus out of those things and we never wanted to do it in our lives. There are many secrets that one takes to the grave and this is so “

Initially, Christian Bach’s family reported that his death had been due to a respiratory faliurebut only that without giving more details, the only thing that Humberto Zurita mentioned at that time was that she suffered from an illness that weakened her health.

“When we already knew that he was ill, he said, ‘This is here, here it stays and that’s how it will always stay’. It is to respect the decision that she made and the love that my children and I have for her, we are a tomb. There is no more, she died and period ”, words of that sad moment.

Three years after her death, Humberto Zurita always remembers her on her social networks with beautiful couple photos and in the company of her children, even yesterday May 9the actress would celebrate her birthday, so her husband did not hesitate to dedicate beautiful words to her.

in which he talks about the beautiful moments that they lived together and what this woman will always be for him. A marriage of thirty years and a love that undoubtedly continues to unite them in different dimensions, they were one of the most beautiful and stable couples on the show.

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