hunger strike, disappointment in love…

Paul El Kharrat sometimes experiences violent phases of depression. The ex-candidate of the “Douze Coups de Midi” made heartbreaking confidences about his suicidal thoughts, but also his recent disappointment in love and revealed that he had already been on a hunger strike…

Paul El Kharrat despite having a prolific career in the media, especially since he became a member of the Big heads in 2021, having released several books (including My 153rd victory at Harper Collins editions) and having a relatively well-stocked bank account, all is not always rosy in his life. And the former champion Twelve Noon Shotswho has 152 wins and 691,522 euros in earnings, revealed that he sometimes has suicidal thoughts.

Paul El Kharrat: how he overcomes his “phases of depression”

Guest on the set of Jordan De Luxe, in the show At Jordan’sthis January 26, the ex-Maître de Midi confided without filter on his “chronic phases of depression“.”When it happens to me, it’s very hard to bear, I don’t necessarily want to live“, he first explained. However, Paul El Kharrat, diagnosed autistic Asperger, has always managed, so far, to get out of the rut. “I ended up finding the right resources despite everything, with the help of my loved ones and with my mental strength to go beyond that. There are some who can’t get out of it, I can, but with great difficulty“, he detailed.

Paul El Kharrat went on a hunger strike: “It was unbearable”

If its last”crisis“goes back to confinement, he says he has already goes on a hunger strike, during a particularly difficult phase of depression. “I didn’t want to eat anymore, I didn’t want to see or talk to my parents anymore, I didn’t want to be at their table anymore. It was unlivable“, he confided to Jordan De Luxe. During this period, Paul El Kharrat did not eat, but did not drink either.

The former protege of Jean-Luc Reichmann (with whom he is now cold) had already made intimate confidences about his suicidal thoughts, with Paris here : “I often take refuge in dreams to escape others and the heaviness of the world. Sometimes they are dark and I have already thought of committing the irreparable“.

Paul El Kharrat, “obsessed” with a “young lady”: his sentimental disappointment

Lately, morale has not been good for Paul El Kharrat. The former candidate of Twelve Noon Shots experienced a sentimental disappointment from which he struggled to recover. “I was dating a lady! I was obsessed with her, I wanted to see her, but she preferred that we stop seeing each other. It was hard to understand, I don’t forget it“, he told Jordan De Luxe. A relationship that lasted about a month. If the member of the Big heads of Laurent Ruquier on RTL is currently single, he is already thinking about the future and knows that one day he wants to know the paternity : “I would like to have kids! I love babies“.