“Hypocrisy fed me”: After 25 years on Televisa, former host of ‘Ventaneando’ announces his retirement

Mexico City.- A controversial ex-driver windowingwho came to Televisa in 1997 after leaving Aztec TVannounces that this 2022 withdraws from the artistic medium because it’s already “sick of hypocrisy” in the Mexican show business.

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Is about John Joseph Originalso know as Pickle Original, who began his journalistic career in the 80’s. After working in various national media, in 1996 he joined windowing with Pati Chapoy.

Beside Peter Alone Y Martha Figueroa He started the show program in the then nascent TV Azteca company, however, he ended up betraying Pati by going to Televisa in 1997 to make his own program.

After not talking to Chapoy for many years, both managed to smooth things over years later. After his success on shows like The Ear, The Snack Y cloths in the suncurrently, the driver is in front of Excuse me with Martha Figueroa.

And it is that for a few months he stopped appearing in the today program, which was integrated for the first time in 2013 for the shows section. After more than 40 years of experience, Pepillo now confirms exclusively for TVNotes his withdrawal.

I have already decided that 2022 is my last year in the media and it will not be a partial retirement, but a total one (…). In a few months it will be the final goodbye and I don’t want to hear anything again, even if they make me a good job offer I wouldn’t change my mind, it’s time to say: ‘So far!’ “, he said.

Although he regrets leaving Excuse me and leave Martha alone, the journalist argued two powerful reasons for his withdrawal, the first being that he does not love himself “see old” on television despite the fact that he has made his arrangements and the other, who was fed up with the “hypocrisy” that he considers there is in the middle.

I think it’s time to leave because I feel that right now I look good and I don’t want to see myself old on TV (…) The media is not like before, now there is a lot of hypocrisy in the environment and I got fed up with it; now there is no friendship, there is no love, people have changed a lot”.

Origel revealed the sad reality that hastened his decision to retire: “(I am) Very disappointed. Before they said that I was the friend of the stars, but if I now speak to 10, it is a lot.”

On who will be the only celebrities with whom he will speak after leaving the medium, he said:

With Doña Silvia Pinal, whom I adore, and other friends like Margarita Gralia, Laura Bozzo, Maria Sorte, Dulce, Jacqueline Andere Y Chantal, but they are very rare. I don’t want to have contact with most of them anymore.”

In addition, he mentioned that social media things got “ugly”, as users do not hesitate to destroy someone. “They have attacked me and I have preferred not to read what they write about me, that they say mass, in short, those who know me know who I am,” she said.

The journalist also commented on what he will do after retiring: “I’m going to live for a while in Madrid to enjoy that city that I love and, later, I will go to live in Lion. I have not lived there for more than 30 years and my whole family is there, it is time to return to my people and I want to enjoy them because they are the ones who really love me.

Origel assured that already he is not interested in finding love Well, his last partner was 5 years ago and they lasted 6 together. Although she admits that she has an “affair” from time to time, she refuses to fall in love again or live with someone as a couple.

Finally, he took stock of his career and said goodbye to the public:

I am satisfied with my work and with having placed myself where I was, I am very grateful to the public who showed me their love. I can say: ‘Mission accomplished,'” he concluded.

Source: TVNotas and Instagram @juanjoseorigel