Hysterical phone calls: Prince William ’embarrassed’ as Diana’s student

However, William suffered because his mother had chosen him as her “champion”. Diana’s need also became a burden for the young prince. When he began studying at Eton, Diana often called her eldest son and cried to him. Sometimes she cried hysterically at the end of the line. Eton, on the other hand, had become a haven for William while his parents were at war.

“William didn’t want to have to take sides”

As Diana’s emotional outbursts got out of hand, William felt compelled to ask her to stop saying negative things about his father to him. “He didn’t want to take sides,” Jobson writes. William also found it excruciating to see his classmates reading newspapers full of photos of his parents.

At a dinner with author Bel Mooney and her daughter Kitty, William is said to have admitted sheepishly: “Dad doesn’t embarrass me – mom does.”

Of course, Harry also suffered from the public separation of his parents. Both princes were shocked by their mother’s untimely death when they were 15 and almost 13 years old. Harry ended up admitting he had mental issues and seeking therapy. William, on the other hand, grew into a well-adjusted and level-headed adult, Jacobs notes — although he “could have been permanently emotionally damaged by the situation at the time.”