“I accept that I am of the third age”

on the set of Albertano against the monsters, Olivia Collins and Maribel Guardia they are the center of attention. They even line up to take a photo with the actresses who, dressed as witches, continue to conquer any type of audience. With Olivia it takes more than three hours to characterize her, and although it seems like a long time, the actress does not complain for a minute; She enjoys the whole process and lives the experience that this comedy story that debuted with more than 1.8 million viewers on the screen of the stars allows her. During a break, the artist gets up from her chair, stops the gossip with Maribel, and gives us an interview in which she reveals what she thinks about surgeries and treatments to lengthen her beauty and youth.

“I think that as an actress I have to face any challenge; besides, it is something that I do with great pleasure. The idea of ​​transforming myself represents a challenge, and I accept it with all the enthusiasm.”

Do you also try to stop the passage of time? I let time pass; I think I can still stand it, but I already know that age comes, and even if we wear thousands of things, age is inevitable and we must live it with dignity.

How are you accepting it? My attitude is that of a young woman and that helps me a lot; Sometimes I feel like I can even fly. I am aware that time passes and I have to do other types of roles, but I am delighted if they give me the characters of a mother or a grandmother, because I already am. As a grandmother, what are you like? I unfold, it drives me crazy, happy… My grandson is my motivation, he lives in my house, just like my daughters, and when I arrive I run to see him.

How do you educate your grandson? I respect my daughter a lot, and the truth is that she will know how to take her son; I dedicate myself to loving him, to love him, to help my daughter, to protect her, to give her a helping hand. I’m like her other mom, no matter how much I ask her to call me grandma, the baby ignores me and calls me mom. Sometimes she lets her paint the whole house, she is free, she has paintings and I have already removed the furniture so that she can play in peace. It is something wonderful because I love my daughters, I always wanted to be a mother, I fought until I had them, and now that I have a grandson I see it as the gift of the gift.

What would you be willing to do to always be beautiful? To be healthy; The first thing is to be well inside to be able to reflect it. And although there are many alternative surgeries and treatments, age does not stop, what remains for us is to accept our wrinkles with dignity, and I prefer to do it with wisdom. This is the course of life, I am not willing to change my physiognomy to be younger, you have to have the prudence to know how far. Of course, I do not deny that we can resort to some little help that Botox gives us, but without abusing it, because there is no way to avoid the passage of time.

Have you got your senior card yet? No, but I do want to go process it, what happens is that I haven’t had time. I accept that I am elderly and we must take advantage of the discounts they give us.

Doesn’t it freak you out to realize that you’re over 60? No, on the contrary. It happened to me that changing my driver’s license, I went to the line for the elderly and the ladies who were there asked me to get out, that I was not old enough. So I took it with a lot of humor.

It’s the wicked Casilda

In Albertano contra los mostros, an André Barrén production that is broadcast by the stars on Sundays from 7:30 to 9:00 at night, Olivia Collins plays Casilda, an evil and ruthless witch who wants to be eternally young and beautiful. To achieve this, she needs to carry out a ritual in which she must offer in sacrifice the heart of a good and honest mestizo: Albertano.