“I almost died with my daughter”: Emilie (Married at first sight) comes a long way

This Monday, March 21, 2022 is a special day for fans of the show Married at first sight. Tonight, M6 will kick off the sixth season. An edition that will allow the public to discover fourteen new singles in search of love. Among them is Emilya pretty 34-year-old mother whose personal story will mark the public.

This year, these are particularly touching profiles that viewers will be able to discover and, for sure, appreciate. In a press release, Channel 6 introduced Alicia, a 28-year-old nurse coordinator. Six years ago, a tragedy turned his life upside down. She was the victim of a car accident, during which her sister died. She ended up in the hospital and was placed in a coma. After 12 operations and rehabilitation, she managed to walk again while the doctors were pessimistic. She even does sports again.

She is not the only candidate whose strength of character commands admiration. Emilie will also mark the spirits. The wealth management advisor lived an idyll for two years with the father of her daughter Lina. But, when she was four months pregnant, he left her overnight, after they learned that their child could be carrying a disease. “It was an emotional shock. The dream turned into a nightmare“, entrusted the candidate to our colleagues from Entertainment TV.

It was therefore alone that she experienced the end of her pregnancy, as well as the delivery. And the birth of her daughter was no small feat: I hemorrhaged during my delivery and I almost died with my daughter. At the maternity ward, I saw men with their wives while I was alone in my room. I cried so much.“Fortunately, little Lina was in perfect health. Let’s hope for Emilie that thanks to Married at first sightthe wheel will finally turn for her.

What is certain is that the experts Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter found him a love compatibility. Information revealed in an extract from his portrait, shared on social networks. “The last relationship I had, I got pregnant with a child that was wanted. And after four months of pregnancy, the doctors told me that my daughter could be carrying a disease. Which ? We didn’t know. When I saw her little legs on the ultrasound, I couldn’t let her down. On the other hand, Lina’s biological father decided to leave us, to abandon us“, you could hear her say. So she is looking for a “good manwho is there for her and her daughter, no matter what.

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/-j-ai-failli-mourir-avec-ma-fille-emilie-maries-au-premier-regard-revient-de-loin_a482257/1