“I almost fainted”: Sarah Abitbol, ​​victim of rape, looks back on her first testimony on the radio

Several years after her radio platform, figure skater Sarah Abitbol returned to this first time when she publicly accused Gilles Beyer, her trainer at the time, of rape.

Tuesday, May 10, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine received Sarah Abitbol in It’s up to you. The figure skater spoke about France 5on the occasion of the dissemination of“Such a long silence”which viewers will discover on Wednesday, May 11, on France 2. The documentary traces the skater’s fight against the persistent omerta on sexual violence in sport.

To honor this invitation, Sarah Abitbol surrounded herself with Emmanuelle Anizon, who is the director of the long report, but also the first reporter with whom she testified at length about the rapes she claims to have suffered from Gilles. Beyer, whose wife defended herself.

Sarah Abitbol: “Thirty years of silence over a few minutes on the radio is overwhelming”

Facing the hosts of the show, the famous sportswoman returned to this first platform made on the radioin which she accuses Gilles Beyer of having raped her for two long years, when she was still a minor: I read this passage, it went very well, Emmanuelle was with me, and my editor Clarisse Cohen – whom I thank today – was in the dressing room. On was in tearsremembered Sarah Abitbol, ​​who claims to have been a victim of traumatic amnesia.

Impossible for Sarah Abitbol to forget the feeling that seized her when speaking at the microphone: “My legs were wobbling, I almost fainted… Thirty years of silence over a few minutes on the radio is overwhelming”she said in front of her interlocutor.

Sarah Abitbol on the publication of her book: “I called Emmanuelle and told her: ‘We stop everything'”

Along this perilous path, Sarah Abitbol was able to count on a shock duowho was able to support her, even when she was about to give up her fight against Gilles Beyer, who ended up recognizing the existence of “inappropriate relations” between the skater and him: “Some time before the publication of the book, I called Emmanuelle and told her: “We stop everything, we stop printing. I can’t see my picture that says ‘raped by her trainer at 15’she explained on the set of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

It was his psychologist who encouraged him not to give upand to accomplish what she fought for for so many years: “I called my psychologist, we talked about it a lot, she said to me: “Sarah, you have to go to the end of your fight because you will never be better if you cannot put the words”she remembered.


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