“I almost left him”: Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) confides in his great period of doubt with Alexandre

One would think that everything was very easy between Matthew and Alexander. And for good reason, after falling in love with each other during season 15 of Love is in the meadow (2020), the two candidates wasted no time in moving in together. Better still, they got married a year later, in 2021. Today, they plan to start a family using surrogacy. However, before reaching this point, Mathieu and Alexandre went through great moments of doubt. Especially Mathieu (46), for whom their 20-year gap represented a major obstacle.

I didn’t want anyone younger than me. It was not possible, I would never have imagined meeting someone 20 years younger than me. It freaked me out“, acknowledged the former horse breeder for the show 66 minutes broadcast on M6 on Sunday April 24, 2022. And to add: “The first 2-3 months were hell for him because every day I was in doubt. I almost left him almost.

It was not until Alexandre’s terrible accident that Mathieu understood that he could not live without him. His young companion, a training rider in a racing stable, had been seriously injured at work and ended up with a triple fracture of the humerus, an open fracture in the head due to a kick, another in the arch. “It was on that day that I decided to propose to him.“, continued Mathieu.

Still, the age difference is still felt from time to time. “As much as there are times when you feel younger because you do young things, sometimes in bed, you think about the situation because he put the mirror in your face…“, is obliged to confess Mathieu. But “Love has no age” as Alexandre often reminds him, reassuring. And together, they are so confident for the future with two toddlers running around. That’s all we want for them!

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