I am Betty, the ugly one: how many chapters do you have to watch on Netflix before leaving the app? – The Sun of Mexico

The Colombian series found on Netflix, Ugly Bettyleaves the platform leaving many fans helpless and with the question of whether it will ever return, so if you want finish it before If it is eliminated, the agenda will have to be adjusted.

There is no doubt that this was one of the most watched and loved productions by the audience, since in the top 10 Of the series or movies that are seen daily, there was always Betty and her romance with Don Armando.

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For the same reason, it will be necessary to make the correct calculation to fire her properly and see each of the chapters in the remaining days and finish it completely.

Netflix announced that Ugly Betty will no longer be available from July 10, which means that there is almost a month left to see the 335 chapters.

The telenovela is not originally divided like this, this is how it is presented on the platform and not all of them have the same duration, for example, the first two chapters last approximately 40 minutesbut the rest do not exceed 23 minutes.

For the goal to be achieved, it would be necessary to see around 12 chapters a daywhich would be equivalent to four hours a day to sit in front of the screen, although of course, there can be breaks between chapters.

The time invested will be a lot, but it can also be divided into the eight days of weekend that there is before Betty stops being in the app, if there is more free time it could be a good option.

So it’s a good idea not to waste any more time and start preparing the snack and handkerchiefs and sit down to watch this last chance the series that made people of different generations laugh and cry.