“I am going to dedicate myself to my projects and YouTube channels”: Tenchis Céliber will continue to be active on social networks

Julio Yúdice, who gives life to Tenchis Céliber, announced his final retirement from television a few days ago, but stressed that he will continue to be active on his YouTube channels.

Julio Yúdice, who gives life to Tenchis Célibera few days ago he announced his definitive withdrawal from Salvadoran television. The comedian was part of various entertainment programs of Telecorporación Salvadoreña for more than 21 years.

He earned the affection and respect of thousands of cuscatlecos thanks to his participation in “Domingo para Todos” and “Prendi2” where with his good sense of humor he made young and old laugh.

However, his chapter on the small screen closed it in this 2022, as he assured that it is time to rest and continue with personal projects.

Said news invaded those who enjoyed watching Tenchis on television every Sunday with nostalgia, encouraging and cheering the public.

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However, although he is retiring from the small screen, he will continue to create content on his social networks, especially on his YouTube channels. @Tenchiscelibertv1977where he publishes videos about Salvadoran daily life or making known the living towns.

“I also thank TCS for giving me the opportunity, it was 21 years, but my body already said ‘daughter, go and rest’… and then I’m going to dedicate myself to my projects and YouTube channels… But it was a pleasure to have worked with you and have given you that kick so that you can move on, because you have to give new girls opportunities, “he said in the farewell video on December 25.

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