“I am not for slavery”: Emmanuel Macron cash against Xavier de Moulins

Fast debit, cash language… Candidate Emmanuel Macron clashed in 19.45 on M6 against Xavier de Moulins. When clarifying his clear-cut proposal concerning the Active Solidarity Income (RSA), the tone rose.

Xavier de Moulins received Emmanuel Macron in the 19.45 on M6 this Wednesday, March 23. A candidate interview in which the journalist wanted to question the current head of state about his remarks on the Active Solidarity Income (RSA) which sparked a controversy. The president-candidate had announced, during the presentation of his program, his plan to condition access to the RSA to “fifteen or twenty hours of activity per week”. “What are these activities? Cheap paid work, as we have heard, or pure and hard training? »asked Xavier de Moulins to Emmanuel Macron. “Thank you for allowing me to clarify”began the LREM candidate.

“The RSA comes from the RMI instituted by Michel Rocard in 1988. We forgot it, in RMI, there was the I for ‘insertion’. There was an integration contract. The person to whom we gave a solidarity income had obligations, to work, to commit in order to be able to integrate because he is far from employment ”, recalled the President of the Republic. According to him, it is a “collective fault” to have strayed from this objective. “People who are beneficiaries of the RSA, we need to better support them”he explained on M6, before mentioning “an integration or training activity”. “If it’s a job, it’s paid at least minimum wage”said the presidential candidate. “It’s not 6 euros an hour! »interrupted Xavier de Moulins. “No, I am not for slavery”replied Emmanuel Macron bluntly.

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Xavier de Moulins and Emmanuel Macron on M6 on March 23, 2022
© Capture M6Xavier de Moulins and Emmanuel Macron on M6 on March 23, 2022

“I am the master of the clocks here”

“If an RSA beneficiary finds a part-time job, then he will be paid at least minimum wagebut we are going to simplify the rules so that he can continue to be accompanied, so that he does not immediately lose all his rights so that, gradually, each hour of work is better paid “continued the one who “believes in integration through economic activity”. “Without blaming the most precarious”completed the M6 ​​journalist.

“It’s a question of dignity, never of guilt”, replied the husband of Brigitte Macron. But there should also be a case-by-case basis, especially for “single moms”. Unstoppable, Emmanuel Macron wanted to continue on the subject, to show that this measure should not weigh on the most fragile. “Mister candidate, No! We are going to talk about the youthtried to cut it Xavier de Moulins, for lack of time. “I slip it anyway”Emmanuel Macron persisted despite everything. “I’m the master of the clocks here, it’s not you, Mr. candidate”insisted the journalist before finally succeeding in moving on to another theme.

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