“I burst a little later”: Louane in the face of mourning after the death of her two parents

Yes Louane Emera began by shining in song, the work of an actress continues to take an ever more important place in her professional life. At 25, she returns with the series Visions on TF1 in which she plays a psychologist in the grip of her own anxieties. In interview for the show seven to eight on the first channel, the young artist answers in all sincerity the intimate and moving questions of Audrey Crespo-Mara, in particular on the death of her two parents.

Barely 18 years old, Louane lost both her parents in the space of a few months. Years later, this May 15, 2022, she discusses in front of the camera how she experienced this tragedy and how she mourned, with a frankness tinged with modesty: “I was very, very well surrounded and I really found myself in the work. Because I needed to do something else. I think that clearly, being able to concentrate on the album, go on tour quickly, I think that really saved me. It delayed things a bit in terms of grieving obviously and I broke out a bit later. But at the time it gave me strength. It held me in place and kept me going. And I think that because of that, even if I took a long time to mourn, it was much sweeter.

Became a young mother at 23, the Caesarized actress of The Aries Family also explains that her motherhood did not come to fill a gap: “It’s wrong, we’re not going to pack it with another love. (…) To make a child to fill a lack, the poor. The burden it puts on his shoulders.“She admits that being a mother sent her back to her childhood:”Of course it sent me back to my parents (…). It was something special. But once again I was very well surrounded.“Without quoting it, we imagine that it refers in particular to her lover, the musician Florian Rossi, dad of her little Esmée born in March 2020 at the dawn of confinement.

The one who lives her dream as a little girl by singing and acting underlines the beautiful values ​​transmitted by her parents and which she wishes to share with Esme: the strength of her mother and the patience of her father in particular. Two people who she misses terribly every day and whom she talks about in her songs, transcribing her pain into musical notes.

Series Visions can be found on TF1 from Monday May 16, 2022

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