I came to win, I’m not going to feel sorry for anyone

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- Cesia Sáenz, the catracha that participates in the contest of The academymade it clear to her classmates that she is willing to do anything to win the award for her and her country.

It was during a class Master Beto Castillothat the Honduran stated what she came to The academy and that he doesn’t mind “eating” whoever it is as long as he wins.

“Yor that you would be very nervous because you have no idea how hungry I come and you have no idea how I revolutionize and how I get stronger every day, every minute, every second”, she began by saying while surrounded by her companions.

I’m not going to stop and I came here to win and I’m not going to be afraid or pity anyone“, he claimed.

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Cesia warned her companions to get to work. “I’m going to eat whoever it is to get what I want and what I want because nobody is going to take it away from me”, he added.

Likewise, before Castillo’s comment, about holding her gaze, the catracha assured that she will no longer be weak.

I don’t trust people who don’t hold their eyes when I speak to them. I recognize his immense talent, he has a beautiful voice and I like his personality. This one who speaks with confidence”, affirmed the teacher.

In the third concert of La Academia the Honduran was the most outstanding for her participationn. Cesia performed the theme “He lied to me” by Amanda Miguel.

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Sáenz received the congratulations of all the judges, who agreed with the catracha’s talent.