“I can’t believe it myself”

Lili Paul-Roncalli, 23, became quiet after her “Let’s Dance” victory – at least in Germany. Because what hardly anyone knows: the artist has landed a new TV job and has now found emotional words.

  • In 2020 Lili Paul-Roncalli won “Let’s Dance” together with Massimo Sinató
  • Then it became quiet around the 23-year-old – at least in Germany
  • The artist can look forward to a special job

“Let’s Dance” winner Lili Paul-Roncalli: Great news

Lili Paul Roncalli was 2020 The big surprise of the 13th season of “Let’s Dance”: Together with dance partner Massimo Sinató, she not only showed the best performance in every show, but was actually voted “Dancing Star” 2020 in the end.

Almost a year later, she was finally seen again on RTL in the new show “The RTL Summer Games”, but then it became rather quiet about Lili Paul-Roncalli. So quiet that hardly anyone in Germany should have noticed that the 23-year-old landed a TV job in Austria: she is on the jury of the “Starmania” casting show.

Emotional words: “Sometimes I can’t believe it myself”

All of this is not a matter of course for Lili Paul-Roncalli, as she openly emphasized in an interview with the news portal “Der Standard”:

Sometimes I can’t believe what I’ve been allowed to do. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve already had.

Despite her success, Lili Paul-Roncalli never wanted to forget her roots – and thus the circus: “The circus and the variety show were, are and always will be important parts of my life”, clarified the “Let’s Dance” winner of 2020. But success is no accident: “I always do my best and work hard for it.” In detail, this means that the beauty every day trained for two to three hours.

After circus shows and performances were rather rare during the corona pandemic, Lili Paul-Roncalli wanted to concentrate more on her life as an artist again in the future, despite various projects: “I grew up in paradise – and you don’t leave that. Only because of the pandemic did I have the time to take part in other projects. In the future I would like to continue such projects, but also be in the ring or on the stage as often as possible.”

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“Let’s Dance” always runs on Fridays at 8:15 p.m. on RTL and at any time RTL+.

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