“I decided to make it a tribute”: writer Andréa Bescond tells the true story that inspired her first novel

The artist Andréa Bescond was the guest of RTL Info 13H. The dancer and director came to talk about her first novel, “A simple family story”. The opportunity for the author to tell the real story that gave her the inspiration for this first book.

Dancer, director, actress and now writer. Andréa Bescond can we call a woman jack of all trades. For his first novel, entitled “A simple family story“, she proposes to follow three generations of the same family.

This story came to mind when he was told a secret about his family. “I learned that my great-great-grandmother killed her abusive husband“. This book is therefore largely inspired by this story. “I decided to make it a tribute“ she explains.

For this first book, the author has let herself go on a theme that is dear to her. “Family fascinates me” she says. For the writer, it is necessary to demonize family secrets. It can even be liberating according to her: “We are often the ugly duckling of the family when we have revealed secrets. And that must change“.

Even if it means having moments when the voices rise, Andréa Bescond explains: “Anger is healthy“.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/news/jai-decide-den-faire-un-hommage-lecrivaine-andrea-bescond-raconte-lhistoire/2023-01-23/article/518845