“I declare from now on that I will take the crown of Miss Universe”: María Fernanda Aristizábal

María Fernanda Aristizábal, model and social communicator, is the new Miss Universe Colombia 2022. The Quindiana was designated last Tuesday at an event at the Dann Carlton Hotel in Medellín as the most beautiful woman in the country and will represent Colombia in the next pageant of Miss Universe.

In a conversation with WEEK, The queen spoke about her election and her passage as Miss Colombia 2019. In addition, she referred to the comments on social networks and to all the people who have supported her during her journey.

It is important to remember that Aristizábal was expected to represent the country in Miss Universe 2020. However, the franchise changed owners and legal unforeseen events arose, causing the National Beauty Contest to fail to agree with the new organization, led by Natalie Ackerman.

“At that time it was hard, it was sad, but I understood everything through the months that passed (…) I began to work a little more on myself, not to focus so much on what was happening and I knew how to take my moment and my present at that time “he said about it.

However, with the new Miss Universe Colombia band, the model will be able to represent the country and is ready for the international contest.

“I say that I start as if everything was missing so as not to leave any loose ends. I want to work on English, the catwalk and the mental health issue. I think that when you leave very clearly with your goals, with who you are, it is easier to go and enjoy a process such as an international competition”added the queen.

On the other hand, she said that in her time as Miss Colombia 2019 she managed to become aware and learn about the realities of the country with all the social work she did. In addition, she assured that this made her a more sympathetic, supportive person and that she could get out of her “bubble”.

The new Miss Universe Colombia has been massively supported on social networks. Nevertheless, He referred to the negative comments about beauty pageants and their continuity today: “Why not do beauty pageants? They bring us so much happiness. These are things that culturally move us, more like Colombians. They are not only moved by beauty, they are moved by the same feeling, by a social sense”, he affirmed.

María Fernanda Aristizábal was chosen by decree to represent the country in Miss Universe.
María Fernanda Aristizábal was chosen by decree to represent the country in Miss Universe. – Photo: Instagram: @mafearistizabalu

Similarly, the new sovereign of beauty remembered where her taste for reigns began and spoke of her family, who since she was little wanted her to be a beauty queen.

“Since I was little I had uncles and relatives who said ‘I want to see her as a queen’. It really did sound to me in the depths of my heart. I always said that I wanted to represent my beautiful department, Quindío. There are many things that have led me to enrich this path”, he assured.

And he not only referred to his family as his backbone, but also to the support he has received from his team, whom he considers grounded. “Everyone has experienced processes with me that have also enriched them a lot (…) it has been very nice.”

María Fernanda Aristizábal assured that she will go to Miss Universe to be the winner of the crown and that she is focused on the competition to give the country a new joy. She even remembered the Colombians who have passed through this international contest and who have left the name of Colombia high, such as Carolina Gómez or Paulina Vega Miss Universe 2014.

It should be noted that the dates and the place where the Miss Universe 2022 will take place are not yet known.