“I did know him”, a participant in the ‘Challenge’ revealed that ‘Don Jediondo’ was his father-in-law

The The Box Challenge is one of the most watched programs by Colombians in the nighttime star slot and the participants that appear on the screen have shown strength, but, despite their efforts, the Alpha team punished Beta with the presence of one of the characters of the comedian Don Jediondo.

having the power, Alpha made the decision to choose the blue team as the punished ones. On this occasion, they had to put up with ‘Godoy’, a caretaker who is played by the comedian and characterized by being very persistent in bothering others.

The punishment passed, but What really caught the attention of the teammates of the purple team and the viewers were the statements of the participant Lina Durán.

Although several of the contestants in the competition format said they did not know Don Jediondo, the model also revealed that she did know who he is.

“I did know him; he was my father-in-law”, revealed the participant, who was immediately questioned by her classmates to tell them how she met the son of the popular comedian from Happy Saturdays. The woman narrated that she met him because he worked in one of the food establishments that the comedian has.

Before Don Jediondo arrives to visit the Alpha team, presenter and lawyer Gabriela Tafur gave the contestant a clue and said: “He’s someone Lina knows very well.”

Upon entering, the comedian immediately greeted his ex-daughter-in-law: “Hello, what’s her name? Daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law (…) She ended up with my son Ricardo and missed about three restaurants that I was going to leave him,” he commented with his famous jocular tone.

It was a moment of laughter and, before saying goodbye, Don Jediondo did not hesitate to express his appreciation for Durán, of course, with a joke included: “May things go well for you in life, because in love it was not [risas…]. Bye, daughter-in-law. Was not [risas]. I love her so much”.

Who is Don Jediondo’s ex-daughter-in-law?

Lina Durán is one of the participants who is still in the reality show of the Caracol channel. The woman is representing Tolima and is a 23-year-old bodybuilder.

Her popularity on social networks is notorious, she has more than 53,000 followers on Instagram, where the fitness athlete has shared several video fragments about her time in the competition.

The followers catalog her as “a hardworking warrior”, such is the case in which she worked as a waitress. Now, the model has a virtual fitness store where she sells supplements, sportswear and accessories for the gym.

Challenge participant who “reached out” to a classmate

During the development of a sentencing test and services of the The Box Challenge A particular moment was experienced between two participants that caught the attention of viewers, who did not hesitate to comment on it and leave the participants in evidence.

The members of Alpha, Beta and Gamma met in the Rainbow Box to perform the test. The situation arose between two teammates from the Gamma team, who managed to pass first, so they obtained a key that was tied to a cube that gave them a benefit.

Maleja gave the bucket to Criollo to carry, but for greater comfort and not to run the risk of losing it, he decided to put it inside his partner’s clothes.

Who was Maleja to put his hand putting that bucket hahaha”, “My God I want to be Maleja to play Criollo like that” and “that Maleja how she catches Criollo”, were some of the comments made by viewers on social networks when they saw the particular moment.