“I did not appreciate it at all”: Arnaud Ducret balances on his very bad experience with Dove Attia

Friday January 14, 2022, Arnaud Ducret was invited to the podcast La Leçon. Referring to his debut as an actor, he recalled a bad experience with Dove Attia during the casting for the musical Gone with the Wind.

Revealed in the humorous series Parents mode d’emploi, on France 2, Arnaud Ducret has long accumulated odd jobs before being able to live from his passion. If the actor appeared on screen for the first time in 2008, his life could have changed in 2003. Guest in the podcast Lesson, he indeed revealed to have been approached by Dove Attia, producer of successful musicals, to pass the casting ofGone with the wind. Claiming to have been “like crazy”, Arnaud Ducret recalled: “I tell myself that I can’t dream of this for so long and not achieve it.“However, Arnaud Ducret did not appreciate that the producer made him wait an hour without a valid reason.”I’m like, ‘Wow.’ I hate being disrespected. I see him, he’s no busier than that, and he makes me hang around, maybe to throw me off balance. I think it’s a method he had to have. I don’t understand the idea of ​​making someone uncomfortable.

Annoyed, the actor explained: “He comes for a casting, do your job as a producer too!“At the time, Arnaud Ducret wore the goatee”a bit like George Michael.“So Dove Attia had asked him:”Why the goatee there?” A remark that had upset Arnaud Ducret… “I was really not well in my sneakers. He looked at me and cut me off in the middle of the song“, he recalled. If since then, the actor has seen the famous producer again and assures that the latter is “funny“, it is with regret that he let go: “This casting could have changed my life, you, you only hope for that and the guy was not very nice (…) I did not appreciate at all how I was received.

Arnaud Ducret was a gospel singer

Music fan, the star was a gospel singer. In the show There is only one life in life on Europe 1, he said: “My sister has always liked to sing, she also has an artistic streak. She sings very well, she always liked it and then she joined a musical comedy troupe (…) She sang lead and I did the backing vocals (…) And it helps me enormously for my work now.” Former chorister of Nana Mouskouri on the set of the star Academy, he added:I had left the group to be able to work in Paris. I did like all the actors of the time, I sent CVs everywhere to be able to work. I said I could sing. It was very well paid, it was with Nathalie André, we left with her agency and I went to Star Academy. It was my debut.


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