“I don’t get to see what they think of me”

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    María Fernández-Rubíes (Madrid, 1991) is an energy bomb: just take a look at her social networks and she will transmit it to you in a matter of the 15 seconds that a ‘story’ lasts. With almost 800 thousand followers on Instagram, she is an expert in combining fashion trends to create ‘lookazos’, but also in motivating us to stay in shape, showing her workouts with Crys Díaz, the ‘celeb’s’ coach. For this reason, there is no one better than her to debut the new collection of Born Living Yoga, the coolest sports firm, that this season is full of color. We talked to the ‘influencer’ about her ‘sporty’ routine, mental health and ‘likes’.

    What does sport mean to you?

    I started a bit like everyone else, for a health issue and having a healthy diet, but I took it very seriously after giving birth. I suffered a hyperlordosis in the back, I had a lot of belly and it began to arch a lot. I had a lot of lower back problems, and then my son, as he grew older, weighed more and I had no strength. So, I changed the topic of sports and started to focus more on strength, not so much on cardio to be thin, but I focused on building muscle so I wouldn’t have so much back pain and not spend so much time in physio. To which I have been making more strength and I have been feeling better, I have taken a liking to it. Although yes, at first it was a bit out of obligation.

    You work with Crys Díaz, the trainer of the ‘celebs’. What are your ‘workout’ routines?

        We train between two and three times a week, lately twice. We combine strength with cardio, which is also important to do.

        And how do you prepare to train?

            The truth is that I do nothing. I try not to eat much breakfast because I feel bad and I look super bloated, but I don’t like to go fasting either. I try not to overdo it and take what is necessary to have energy and little else. It is also true that there are days when you feel better and you get a good class and others when you don’t, because we all have a thousand things. But hey, it’s also a time for me and I try to be 100%.

            Born Living Yoga has clothes that are great for all kinds of workouts, but it’s really focused on yoga. Do you usually practice it?

                I have no idea about yoga. In addition, I am a very active person and this sport, which requires a lot of concentration, is difficult for me. But I would love to practice it and take it seriously, that’s the reality. So… at some point I will.

                “I don’t fast or go on any diet because I don’t like it, but I do try to compensate a little bit.”

                You travel a lot. When you do, do you try to find a gap to train?

                    I used to travel a lot, not so much anymore! But yes, I try. Above all, because in the end a lot of time passes between one week and the next without doing sports, it is something very ungrateful and it costs you much more to resume it. It’s like you haven’t practiced it in months and it’s really only a week, so it’s always good to do something, even if you’re traveling.

                    Do you combine sport with some type of diet? You practice fasting, you avoid certain foods…

                        No, I don’t fast or follow any diet because I don’t like it. What I do do is compensate a little. In other words, I don’t go on diets because I don’t like not being able to have something I want at the moment, but if I have had more dinner, the next day I have breakfast later, but not because I’m fasting, but because I’m not so hungry. Or maybe, if I’ve eaten a lot, I try to make dinner lower in calories and healthier. I try to make it something balanced, but I don’t like to ban myself, especially because there have been times when I have done it and it has given me more anxiety. I do try to eat healthier during the week, although I forget on the weekend, but I will also tell you that if I have a shooting or a trip on a normal day and there are donuts like today, I eat them for breakfast anyway. I don’t mind!

                        “When you feel good physically, you also have a lot of self-esteem and you feel better about yourself.”

                        Now that summer is coming, how do you prepare for it?

                            Crys Díaz (her coach) and I always say that you shouldn’t do a bikini operation, but that it should be something all year round. But it’s true that, in the end, the ‘gym’ motivates you, it’s like a countdown in which you say “Come on, this year I want to get there to feel good about myself and look better”. It makes you tighter, but it shouldn’t be just for those months.

                            Sport is super important for mental health. Does it help you with stress and anxiety?

                                Yes. The moment I train is not only a time when you are there for yourself and when you disconnect, but also, in the end, when you feel good physically, you also have a lot of self-esteem and you feel better about yourself. It’s a bit of a vicious circle.

                                Born Living Yoga is a brand that is committed to taking care of the planet. Do you try to be sustainable in your day to day?

                                    Yes, it is true that it is complicated, but I like that we all go to that. Let it be the ‘goal’. It motivates me and I love it. It’s true that I don’t dress completely in sustainable garments, that would be lying, but brands make collections like this, I’m interested in them.

                                    “Being a mother has changed me a lot. I think I used to live very fast.”

                                    A year and a half ago you had Nico, your first child. How has motherhood changed you?

                                        It has changed me a lot. I think I used to live very fast. The focus was a bit the stoppage of the pandemic, but motherhood has made me realize how important it is, I have learned to stop and relativize. In the end, we worry about things that are not important and when you are a mother, with all that it entails and what you give, which is 100% generosity, you realize and value things differently. It has also helped me to have a lot of patience.

                                        Also, if I was familiar before, now I am much more so. I love spending time with my parents and sisters, with Manu, with his family, with my son… I’ve become much more of a homebody, I swear. Before I wasted more time, and now I don’t want to do it anymore. If I’m with Nico, I’m with him. This is important, because all content creators are very much on mobile and when I spend time with my son I don’t want to miss anything, I try not to be absorbed by the digital world and leave it aside.

                                        Now the ‘athleisure’ aesthetic is very trendy. How would you combine a sports garment in a day-to-day look?

                                            Look, I didn’t like it at all, but in the end I ended up incorporating it into my routine for practicality really. I play a lot with colors, you can see me with a lime green outfit and a fuchsia jacket, but I also think it’s important to take the sportiness out of training clothes. Maybe with less tight clothes, larger ones, that have a nice drape… I like it with a blazer, with ‘lifestyle’ sneakers, not very sporty. For example, I can combine some ‘leggings’ with a knitted sweater or a cap… I don’t know, I wear sportswear with anything, really.

                                            “I don’t go in to see what they think of me, I don’t search, I read it over the top.”

                                            Has the criticism you received on social media ever affected you to the point of wanting to change something about yourself?

                                                The truth is, no. In the end, the important thing is to take social networks for what they are: a job. You have to keep the four legs of the table very stable, keep people out of this environment. Hey, I have friends in this environment that make me very happy, but I also have the usual ones, my family, my husband, who doesn’t do this. They drag me back to reality and remind me that this job is fine, but that’s it.

                                                My mother has always instilled in me that not everyone can like you, that you have to surround yourself with people who contribute to you, that friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand and that the important thing is not what the rest think, but you. family and the people who love you. You don’t have to focus on criticism: if it’s constructive, great. If they are harmful, then try to ignore them. I think that when you don’t read, it doesn’t exist. I don’t get to see what they think of me, I don’t search. I skim over it. Out of sight, out of mind.

                                                Do you feel comfortable sharing your life online?

                                                    I feel comfortable teaching my work and where people feel comfortable too. You have to respect those around you. For example, my husband does not love this environment. He is very proud of me, he knows I am happy doing this, but he doesn’t like it. Some time ago he told me that he shouldn’t take it out so much because he doesn’t like him and he is a person who, if he exposes himself, has a hard time.

                                                    This also goes a lot in the personality of each one, I am very pragmatic and I give little importance to things that do not have it. But it is true that there are more sensitive people and it can affect you. Or there are friends who ask me not to take her child out, or my sister when her baby was born… I try to respect it. In fact, I think about it every day. For example, I show Nico a lot, because he’s so baby, but I’m always thinking when I’m going to stop showing him because he scares me. I don’t know where the limit is.

                                                    Have you ever thought about quitting?

                                                        Not for the moment. Yes, it is true that, like everyone else, there may be times when you are more or less happy or motivated. It is also more difficult because you have to be looking for inspiration all the time so that you can also be an example. I have had moments. Motherhood, for example, was very hard, I didn’t have my head at 100%. But I have no intention of giving it up, because it makes me very happy although, as in everything, you have to train and be prepared and if not, we’ll change professions. No problem!