“I don’t know her that well”

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“I don’t know her that well”
In the “Beatrice Egli Show” Andreas Gabalier and his Schlager colleague seemed quite familiar – but the two were not more than colleagues, the folk musician made it clear once again (photomontage) © Joachim Sielski / Future Image / Imago

In speculative media reports, Andreas Gabalier and Beatrice Egli have recently been said to have more than just a collegial relationship. The hit star and folk rock’n’roller is fed up with such rumours. The 37-year-old now reveals that he doesn’t know the Swiss woman “that well”.

Graz – Andreas Gabalier (all news about Volks-Rock’n’Roller) has been single again for around two and a half years – that leaves plenty of room for all sorts of speculation about who the hit star will be dating next. After Beatrice Egli kissed the folk rock’n’roller on the cheek on her show, media reports quickly followed that said the two had more than just a professional relationship with each other. However, the 37-year-old does not like such headlines at all.

Andreas Gabalier denies Beatrice Egli love rumors – hit star with open words

“I enjoy being single,” revealed Andreas Gabalier in a recent interview with the Augsburg General, but the pop star (the most successful German pop singer of all time) hopes to “not get used to it any more”. The “Hulapalu” interpreter does not seem averse to a new relationship – the 37-year-old denied that there was more going on between him and Beatrice Egli than was known, as was recently claimed in the tabloid media.

Beatrice Egli and Andreas Gabalier are on stage recording the
A kiss for Andreas Gabalier: This scene in the “Beatrice Egli Show” caused a lot of speculation and headlines © dpa/Jörg Carstensen

“That’s complete nonsense,” said the Austrian, who then explained that he only helped out on her show “because she had three corona failures”. “She called me because she needed a big name. I didn’t really have time because I had other commitments, but I felt sorry for her so I did her the favour. She was so happy about that that she came on stage and gave me a kiss on the cheek.”

Andreas Gabalier doesn’t know Beatrice Egli “that well” – not a new Schlager dream couple

Despite the romantic moment in the show, nothing is going on between him and Beatrice Egli, as Andreas Gabalier once again openly explained at the end: “I’ve known her for a long time, but not that well. And that’s all.” For the pop singer (the stage names of the big pop stars and their real names) it will soon be professionally exciting anyway before he can dive back into private life: On June 17th his upcoming studio album “Ein Neuer Beginning” will be released.

His hit colleague, on the other hand, has to deal with completely different concerns: because Beatrice Egli apparently canceled two shows for Florian Silbereisen, her fans are now upset – they feel neglected by the Swiss. Sources used: augsburger-allgemeine.de