“I don’t know if I’ll make it”: Faustine Bollaert shares a moving message for the New Year

Saturday December 31, a few hours before the new year, Faustine Bollaert shared a beautiful message of hope on her Instagram account. The flagship presenter of France Televisions entrusts his doubts, his expectations and his good resolutions for the year 2023.

Her good humor and kindness have made her one of the most emblematic animators of France Televisions. Every afternoon, Faustine Bollaert welcomes on the set of It starts today men and women who recall significant events in their lives. An appointment that now allows him to be among the favorite personalities of the French. In the latest ranking published in the JDD this Saturday, December 31, Abbie and Peter’s mom reached 41st place.

I am very touched to enter the ranking. But beyond my little person, I think it’s a genre that the French applaud: that of an extremely benevolent and calm testimony that meets a real audience since It starts today is a hit with young people as well as with the most old. I find it quite hopeful to imagine that this somewhat noble, refined and sincere speech as we give it every day on France 2 meets with this success and this support.she notably confided to the weekly.

“I don’t know if I’ll make it”

Saturday December 31, on the occasion of the new year, Faustine Bollaert shared a beautiful message of hope on her Instagram account.I look forward to our laughter, our shared emotions, I rejoice at the very idea of ​​these moments that we will experience hand in hand. These news that we will discover, this world that we will try to tame and what we will try to do with it, these impulses that will bring us together”wrote Maxime Chattam’s wifebefore returning to his good resolutions for the year 2023.

I decided to change my lexicon this year. Come on…we tell ourselves that we are no longer worried but concerned, more exhausted but gripped by our memories, more angry but alive, more nostalgic but optimistic. I don’t know if I’ll make it but I’ll do my best. Above all, I wish you health. Because we have no control over that. I am thinking of all of you who need it. And I send you… that smile! Welcome 2023!”, added the host. A beautiful message.

Faustine Bollaert

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