“I don’t need to see her or anything”

After several years of not speaking to each other and maintaining an increasingly deplorable relationship, the Mexican singer Alejandra Guzman takes his daughter Frida Sofía out of his will and says “I don’t need to see her or anything”. Audios circulate on networks where, from the voice of the interpreter of Queen of Hearts confirms that he disinherited his only daughter.

And it is that, after a series of attacks and accusations by Frida Sofía, in which she accused her for years of being a bad mother, and even of hanging out with her ex-partners, everything seems to indicate that the relationship was definitely broken. , then Alejandra Guzman he plans to make his youngest nephew, his brother’s son, his heir, Luis Enrique Guzman.

And it is that, the straw that broke the camel’s back in their mother-daughter relationship, were the complaints that last year the daughter also made of Pablo Montezumaagainst his grandfather, the singer Enrique Guzmanof allegedly having inappropriate attitudes towards her when she was just a child.

Through some audios that leaked on the Internet, the interpreter of Eternally beautifulY make love with anotherrequests to change some properties to his name, which later, if necessary, he will put in the name of his nephew.

In addition, in some documents that were published in the magazine TvNotas, it can be stated that Alejandra Guzman he sold an apartment in Miami, which he would have bought in partnership with his daughter frida sofia.

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“That the two departments put them in my name completely, and that’s it. It’s okay, right? I’m the sole owner. In other words, put the other two in my name, and in case something happens I put (…) I want to make a will and I’m going to leave everything to (…) (his nephew) and I don’t care …”, is heard in the audio.

Likewise, in the audios, it is heard as the daughter of Silvia Pinal He distances himself from his daughter, assuring that he does not need to see her anymore, because, in fact, it has not been known that he has done so since the lawsuit began years ago.

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“Then I would like to see if I have to do it on the Internet or whatever, if it is possible, then advance that. And that 100% be for her and that she take care of her life and her things, and God bless her, “he exclaimed.

“I don’t need to see her or anything, since she takes charge of her life,” emphasized the queen of Rock en Español.

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