‘I don’t throw hate, I’m not like that’

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- the youtuber Luisito Communicates broke the silence about the controversy that came to light a few days ago with the singer Lele Ponswho exploded against her after she said that she “is Latin when it suits her”:

So the Mexican decided to clarify the situation through some stories on his Instagram account, where he said that “everything was taken out of context”, since his intention was to tell funny stories from the internet, but the fragment that generated controversy was cut. .

“People cut the piece that serves for gossip because they like it, but no, I really don’t throw hate, I’m not like that, I don’t like that they think that of me, and the best vibes for Lele, my respects for everything what he has done and everything he has achieved and good that it stays there, “he said.

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How was the conflict?

It turns out that during an interview for ExaFM, Luisito Communicates he remembered the day he met Lele Pons at an event in the United States. According to what he said, the fact that she was Venezuelan was what encouraged him to have a conversation, however, he was surprised when he greeted her. “I arrive waving and she says Sorry I don’t speak Spanish and she’s still on her phone”

Some time later, the famous one positioned herself in the United States territory and boasted her Venezuelan genetics to what the youtuber thought: “This tremendous is Latina when it suits her,” she said.

Although the Mexican emphasized at that time that his intention was not to criticize but to tell the funny anecdote, in a matter of minutes it went viral on various social networks.

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For her part, Chayanne’s niece exploded at these statements and during an interview for Radio Divaza He said that “that never happened, that’s not true. People who know me know that when I meet someone new I’m willing to say hi and TikTok. She was shocked. How is it possible that a person who doesn’t know me, doesn’t know anything about my life, he’s a friend of my friends, says that in an interview. I have never spoken ill of Luisito, I admired him.

The famous exhibited Luisito Comunica with some messages apologizing for what happened and took the opportunity to say that he received a lot of hate from Internet users.

Finally, he sent an empowering message to his followers saying that “You are worth a lot, you cannot let a person who does not know you make you feel less and has the right to use your name and say things, because he knows that you have a voice, you are important, defend yourself, value yourself”.

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