“I don’t want to anymore”, for his health Gomita leaves surgeries behind

gummy bear She is one of the most besieged celebrities in the world of entertainment and social networks. For a few days, she has caused a stir with her participation in the reality show Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, where she is one of the favorite participants.

In an interview with the morning show Araceli Ordaz, better known as gummy bear declared that he will stop cosmetic surgeries, and it is that due to his health the influencer makes it clear that he will not enter the operating room again.

Just a few months ago, the most famous Payasita in Mexico had a bypass surgery in Venezuela, which took away some gastritis and colitis problems that she suffered from and did not let her live in peace.

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In this interview Gomita was accompanied by Andrea Legarreta, Arath de la Torre, El Indio Brayan, Andrea Escalona, ​​Raúl Araiza and Poul Stanley, who made her feel at home and gave her their love and admiration.

Now the sister of Lapizito and Pencil is enjoying that dance contest in which she has Sinaloan actor Miguel Martinez as a partner, both have made an enviable dumbbell, since they have become the favorites.

The couple gave the surprise that they know how to dance perfectly and learn the choreographies staged to dazzle the judges who in this edition are Latin Lover, Emma Pulido and once again the star host, Andrea Legarreta.

There is no doubt that the style risky of the also model is the one that is always exposed. Her personality and charisma capture the eyes of the public, since she is one of the most beloved and coveted.

Although on some occasions the content creator is harshly criticized, she does not take her finger off the line and pleases her loyal followers, who are fascinated by her talent and each of her publications, everyone is aware of what she does.

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If in doubt, the public hopes that Gomita’s statements about not having cosmetic surgery again are real, since some observe several marked changes in her figure and face, where she has had some fixes that have changed his life over the years, since today it looks completely different from its beginnings.

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