“I fall in love with her every morning”: Philippe Geluck makes a tender declaration to his wife Dany

He was on the set of Yann Barthès’ show, Dailythis Friday, December 9. And Philippe Geluck indulged in a few secrets about his private life. Whereas the program facilitator made a comparison between the professional life and the sentimental life of the Belgian, he who is thecartoon series author Cat for almost forty years and who has also been in a relationship with his wife Dany for forty-six yearsPhilippe Geluck first wanted to qualify his remarks a little: “I left a lot of projects in my career”he said.

“I did theater for ten years and then I realized it wasn’t really what I should be doing. (…) Then I did TV for children, I stopped after ten years, I did radio in Belgium and I stopped after thirteen years before going to Drucker in France for seven years”he said, before adding with a smile: “With my wife, it’s different. » And to confide a little more: She’s the woman of my life. I fall in love with her every morning. I tell him. But yes, it’s possible ! »

“Tomorrow, we celebrate our 46th birthday”

This beautiful declaration of love to the one who gave him two childrenAntoine in 1983 and Lila in 1985, did not stop there: “Tomorrow, we celebrate our 46th birthday all the same. You don’t know her, she’s wonderful. » Then the 68-year-old Belgian artist looked back on his career: “When I draw a parallel between Le Chat and my love life, it’s because they are two long stories. (…) The Cat, I think it’s the beast of my life. I won’t change here now »he delivered on the set of the show.

And to tell an anecdote to explain how he knows he will not change: “I am thinking of a friend, a master, someone I admired and loved passionately, Frédéric Dard, the author of San-Antonio. » The columnist said that one day the latter had “announced to journalists that he was going to stop writing San-Antonios”, because he wanted to write something else. Only, on returning home, “taken by a beating”, he called back the journalists one by one to ask them not to write what he had just told them. And Philippe Geluck concludes: “He died while finishing his last novel of San-Antonio. » That’s one of the reasons he can’t see himself stopping Cat.

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