“I found her cute”: Louis Bertignac reveals how he seduced Laetitia, his wife of 34 years his junior

After his painful break with Julie Delafosse, Louis Bertignac no longer believed in love. Interviewed by Star TV, the singer promoting his autobiography nice little story confided how he had finally met the woman of his life, Laetitia Brichet, thanks to … a fan! “She was the niece of one of the guys who was always at my shows. She had filmed one at my request. I found her cute. I wrote to her that I would like to see her again and it went royally well. It’s still going on.” he confided. 34 years his junior, the pretty blonde allowed the former member of the group Phone to become the father of a little boy named Jack (5 years old).

However, the couple experienced a real obstacle course before becoming parents. Indeed, Laetitia was close to death giving birth to her child, who was born prematurely and by PMA. “We had been trying to have a child with Louis for a year. But it didn’t work… We did lots of tests to see what was wrong. Lower fertility for Louis, polycystic ovaries for me. We had to face a PMA course with 6 or 7 inseminations, then 2 IVF“, she explained to Journal.

Married since July 2021, the couple seem to be swimming in happiness since their meeting, despite the recurring criticism regarding their big age difference. “If I got involved in this adventure, and it too I suppose, it’s because love is stronger than all the rest, so you don’t think. I love her, she loves me. She could be 45, she would still be quite a bit younger than me but it would be the same.” retorted the 68-year-old musician to journalists from Entertainment TV in 2018.

The ex-juror of The Voice is also the father of two daughters: Lola, 18, and Lili, 15, born of his story with actress Julie Delafosse. After their separation, the interpreter of the title These ideas had been able to count on the support of Nicolas Sarkozy and his ex Carla Bruni during a stay in Cap Nègre.

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