“I go on a diet and I don’t go down”, Julión Álvarez does not rule out surgery

You want to look more handsome Julian Alvarez and does not rule out the possibility of entering the operating room to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to stay in shape, just as his colleague did July Preciouswho now looks slimmer than ever.

The famous Mexican regional music singer has made it clear that he does not rule out the possibility of undergoing a aesthetic fixsince he considers that he has been on a diet since he was 33 years old and has not gone down, so he believes that his metabolism has changed.

Let’s remember that when he was next to his Norteño Banda, El Moreño and El Check underwent surgery for gastric sleevegiving a completely different change, because now they look slimmer.

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At that time, Julión Álvarez only dedicated himself to dieting, but he considers that has not lost kiloson the contrary, he feels that it has increased.

When asked if he would enter the operating room as Julio Preciado did, the singer from Chiapas replied that he had already thought about it, since he had a long time and could not lose weight, assuring that something would probably be done to keep fit.

Yes I have thought about it, I really have thought about it, from the age of 33 I was on a diet and went down, but now I am on a diet and it hasn’t gone down, Julión Álvarez said.

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Undoubtedly, Julión Álvarez’s return to the stage will bring with it changes and surely also physical ones, since he has already hinted that it will probably take place some beauty trick to look more handsomehence his fans appreciate what is done, since it is one of the most loved and besieged.

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