“I got back on my horse”: Valérie Pécresse determined for her return to the field

She has been discreet since her debacle in the first round of the presidential election. But Sunday, May 15, Valérie Pécresse was out in Versailles for the inauguration of the Biennale of architecture and landscape of Île-de-France.

I got back on my horse “. It is with these words that the Republican candidate for the presidential election answered, Sunday, May 15, the question of the journalist of the show Daily who asked him how she was. I have to say that Valérie Pécresse was very discreet after his less than 5% in the first round. Just enough time to appeal for donations to pay the 5 million euros which will not be reimbursed by the State, for lack of having reached the 5% necessary. Back from vacation, she therefore resumed her costume as president of the Île-de-France region May 15 for the inauguration of the Île-de-France Architecture and Landscape Biennale in Versailles. ” We are inaugurating an absolutely magnificent and marvelous event who imagines the city of tomorrow “, she slipped.

If she wanted to talk about the biennale and the work of the region, and her own at the same time, Valérie Pécresse was questioned more about her state of mind post-presidential and what she has done since the first round. ” I caught my breath. I went for a walk in nature and that’s the best resource, I assure you. “, she said, before adding: “ Look, you know in politics, you either win or you learn. Let’s say I learned a lot. »

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A very painful defeat

The one who has been silent since the first round of the presidential election also confided in the Parisian May 15. In this long interview, she revealed that ” the defeat was very painful because very violent »before adding: And I carry all my share of it. “If it remains for the moment in the background on the legislative debate, it still indicates:” The interest of legislative elections is to defend a clear project for France. “And to specify:” The legislative elections are not Macron or Mélenchon! This election is the possibility of voting for a free and rooted right. A right that wants more authority and freedom, to value work and restore order in the accounts, in the street and at the borders. »

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