“I got revenge too”: Laeticia Hallyday confides in Johnny’s infidelities

By Grandma Yves Ratsimbazafy

– Modified 05 Dec 2022 at 10:37

Invited on December 3 on RTL, Laeticia Hallyday returned to Johnny’s repeated infidelities. The pretty blonde who confides without the slightest filter on her way of managing the situation at the time.

Laeticia Hallyday has since the beginnings of her romantic relationship with Johnny accepted his fate. She was indeed aware that she had not married an ordinary man. It was the idol of millions of fans around the world. The rocker had also sometimes lived in excess. To such an extent that it nearly sank several times. Fortunately, the beautiful blonde had always stayed by his side to help him bounce back, until his last moments. This, despite his repeated infidelities which made the headlines at the time. She confides precisely on this subject at the microphone of our colleagues from RTL. At least, we know today how she managed these complicated moments spent with the one she still considers today as: “ The man of my life “.

Confidences shock on the infidelities of Johnny

Johnny Hallyday fans will always remember this December 5, 2017. Date on which the death of the famous singer was announced. Five years later, the memories of this difficult moment are still anchored in the memory of most of them. Laeticia Hallyday prefers to remember all the moments she spent alongside the one she was married to for 21 years. We learn that like all couples, they have had their ups and downs. Regarding the infidelities of the rocker, she reveals precisely: “ I had forgotten that I had a husband and that I was a wife. And he lost me because I had other fights to fight “.

Always Laeticia Hallyday to continue: “ I was there for him at that time. I forgot myself in this couple. He was very angry with me and he made me pay for it. If I didn’t forgive him, anyway, I was losing the love of my life. The person I love the most in the world. My heart was tied to his. I was angry with him. But I transformed this anger into something beneficial in our couple. And I managed to forgive him and I questioned myself. It was much better after than before… I managed to forgive him. And then we moved forward like that in life. And then I took my revenge too, it was step by step “. Like what, ” life as a couple is far from being a long calm river”.

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