“I had a full facelift”: singer Stone without filter on cosmetic surgery

Guest on the show At Jordan’s, this Friday, March 18, the singer Stone spoke about the cosmetic surgery operation that she performed more than ten years ago and that she absolutely does not regret.

This Friday, March 18, Jordan de Luxe received, on the set of his show put online by the site of Tele-Leisure, singer Stone. Without going through four paths, the host asked his guest about its relation to passing time and age. “I do like everyone else, I do with it”, replied Annie Gautrat, her real name, laughing. “It doesn’t bother me, but I try to do my best to be in good shape”chained the artist of “soon to be 75” years old, who assume have had plastic surgery to feel better about yourself.

“I never hid it”, specified Stone, underlining having made,like everyoneaccording to her, “Botox”, but not only. “At 60, I said to myself: ‘There, it’s not going at all'”, affirmed the one who made a complete faceliftto improve the elasticity and appearance of his face. Completely honest, the singer explained that at that age, “it hangs a little” and so she chose to do “take back the part of the neck, cheeks and the whole face” by a surgeon “competent”, so that he is “tense”. Asked about his opinion on the “results” obtained, the interpreter of the title Made in Normandy revealed that it has “rained a lot” so she has no regrets.

An intervention and “it’s settled”

“I said to myself: ‘There, I’m calm, at least it’s settled'”, declared the singer, happy not to be obliged to see a plastic surgeon again to defy, again, the law of time. Assuming “completely” this heavy intervention, she recalled having “even did shows, back then” to talk about it without taboo, unlike other celebrities who have also tried the experience. “I think it’s so ridiculous [de ne pas reconnaître publiquement avoir eu recours à la chirurgie, NDLR], while it shows like the nose in the middle of the face”, swung Stone, cash.

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