“I hallucinated”: Nathalie Marquay convinced of having received a sign from Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Natalie Marquay gave an interview to the Parisian. The widow of journalist Jean-Pierre Pernaut Told to have received a sign from the star of the news of 1 p.m. of TF1, who died in early March.

The last time, I said to him: “Honey, I hope I’ll be up to it for the children’s studies. That’s a lot of money. I know that both of us had already put it aside. But I hope I can handle it all, that you’ll be proud of me.Then, when she is in the kitchen, she has a strange feeling…
“I don’t hear a voice, but I felt deep inside that I had to go to the library. I do not know why, I was drawn to a book.

When the former Miss France opened the book, she found 600 euros in cash.I hallucinated. I was talking about money for studies: it’s a small sign“.

A few weeks ago, Natalie Marquay confided in the Cinema-TV-Review on one of the signs she received.For two months, I left the hospital every evening at 9 p.m. and the Eiffel Tower was off. The day he died, on leaving, it was on, it sparkled. That’s where we had our first date at the restaurant.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-j-ai-hallucine-nathalie-marquay-persuadee-d-avoir-recu-un-signe-de-jean-pierre-pernaut-1385268.aspx