“I have been with a girl for a long time”: actress Laura Felpin confides in her first love story

Interviewed for the La Poudre podcast, actress Laura Felpin (“Le Flambeau”) made revelations about her first love affair, “with a girl”.

In the mood to confide in her love life, Laura Felpin gave herself up to the microphone of Lauren Bastide and her podcast La Poudre this Tuesday, January 31. “I have always been fascinated by very, very pretty girls, began by declaring the actress, currently on tour with her one-woman show, and on the poster of “Asterix and Obelix“. “I was in a same-sex relationship for a really long time…” she continued.

“Finally, moreover, I did not start with heterosexuality. I started by being with a girl, in high school. Right after high school. For some years. I’ve never said that: I’ve been with a girl for a long time. So I discovered carnal pleasures first with a woman,” she revealed.

“Then I arrived in Paris, I met a man, I stayed with him for a very, very long time. I understood that I was obsessed with that: to please men. Today single, the comedian says he is trying to remedy this “obsession”.

“It’s still an obsession and I write it a lot to free myself from it because I don’t know why, even having been with girls, I need less validation from girls than from men. . I’m really deconstructing that and I’m a little lost in this feminism, she analyzes. I’m angry at a lot of things and at the same time I’m angry at myself because I say to myself ‘there you can’t deny that you want to please this guy in this room and that strangely he’s the one who doesn’t you don’t calculate more’. So there we will have to deconstruct all that a bit, ”she concluded.

Source- https://www.cnews.fr/people/2023-02-02/jai-longtemps-ete-avec-une-fille-la-comedienne-laura-felpin-se-confie-sur-sa