“I have experienced depression several times”: Paul Pogba breaks the silence and breaks a taboo

Apart from the fact that he is an excellent player, Paul Pogba is also a committed French personality. In associations, but also in health. As evidenced by the interview he gave to the newspaper on Figaro, released this Wednesday, March 23, 2022, in newsstands. If the footballer lives a beautiful love story with Maria Zulay, the mother of his two children, he sometimes suffers in silence. Indeed, the Manchester United midfielder has decided to break a taboo, in the columns of the French press. By publicly evoking his episodes of depression, which affect a lot of athletes, according to him. “We are judged every three days. We have to be good all the time, when we have worries like everyone else. Whether with our partners, our coach, in everyday life.he first explained, revealing to have “experienced depression several times in his career”.

Depression is common in sports

“Sometimes you don’t know you’re depressed. You just want to isolate yourself, be all alone, these are unmistakable signs. Personally, it started when I was with José Mourinho in Manchester.has followed Paul Pogba. Before revealing that depression was common in the sports world. But that it was taboo, that it was not necessary “not say it. In any case publicly”. Indeed, the pressure is constant, so it is difficult not to flinch during his career. “It’s all in the head, the mind controls everything and all top athletes go through these moments. But few talk about it, he continued. When the disease took over, the young father “refocuses on his family, his friends”. Like Patrice Evra, “when I can’t do it alone, I talk a lot with Tonton Pat“, he confided. “Talking, being listened to, bringing out all that rage and depression that’s eating away at you, it’s mandatory for me. In football, we are not superheroes, only human beings”he concluded.

Le Figaro Twitter account

On March 16, 2022, during the Champions League match, Paul Pogba and his wife, Maria Zulay had a big scare. Her two little boys, aged 2 and 6 months, were at home with the nanny when three individuals broke into the place. “What scared me the most was that my two children were at home with the nanny during this incident. She heard everything, called my wife and security, then locked herself with the boys in a room (…) For several days, she was shocked. The main thing is that my children are well” confided the player.

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