‘I have grown in the public eye, they knew me at 17, now I am 30’, says Denisse Angulo after 13 years on Ecuadorian television | People | Entertainment

Denise Angulo He has shown off his talent on the screens of TC Television, showing off her skills on the dance floor and also as a presenter for the channel. Before being a driver I’m the bestthe woman from Guayaquil was competing to win the Show of dancing, which she got, as have many opportunities that have come her way in life.

“They deserved that space, apart from the fact that they gave us the luxury final that we were waiting for so much. They were two intense days, it was what I had to live through, at the end of 2021”, says the TV presenter about the contestants who reached the final of I am the best 2022, which aired on channel 10 last week.

“In your head you can do everything, but your body does not respond to you. However, I think that there is the desire to win that you have. It is strength that comes from within you that says ‘come on, you can do it’ and you can do it”, he comments on his personal experience.

In addition to having a base of fans that he has built in the last thirteen years, his participation in the program has given him a lot of followers, who yearn to know the key to win the happy trophy of one of the shows most watched on national television. “I never had a strategy, they always ask me ‘how did you win?’ I went in and said: ‘In this round I’m leaving, I’m out of here’. I started flowing with the competition, trying again and keep practicing. I never planned it and I didn’t want to be eliminated, obviously, but I never thought I was going to win, I never imagined that ”, he confesses.

From that experience, what Denise takes are the dance steps. “I am now the professional dancer at the family party. I love dancing, you play me a merenguito and I really like music, but not a dancer, I had never taken a class in my life until I entered SEM. I can’t say that I established myself as a dancer, but without a doubt, my dancing skills improved a lot.”

be a presenter of I’m the best It was one of the most beautiful news that they have given him. “I was delighted that the production, during that year that I was participating, saw qualities in me that they believed they could bring to the program, so I felt super flattered and I am very grateful for the opportunity,” he says. Now, Denise She is the only Afro presenter in Ecuador.

For this new season of SEM, Denise says to keep waiting for your changes looks. “I love that the show lets me be. They let me laugh the way I laugh, express myself the way I express myself, comb my hair, change myself and that makes me feel good, ”she comments.

“I think we make a good duo with Ronald Farina, although at first I was somewhat afraid of him because he is very serious and strict. But now that I know him and that we share, I can say that he is a great professional, I love that he is my partner, “he adds Denise.

Although it is now developed on channel 10, his career began in RTS. “When I entered Combat, my first time on television, in my head I was still going to study economics or biology, nothing related to TV. Then, little by little, the opportunities began to appear and I said: ‘I have to prepare myself for this’”. Knowing how to take advantage of what he learned from the program conducted by Dominica Saporiti Y Carlos Jose matamoros, Denise he seized on this knowledge for the offers that would come later.

“I remember that they made us go out into the street and interview people, it being us (she and her colleagues from the reality) superinexperienced. I did a message segment that in 30 seconds had to say ‘message such a number to win this cell phone, etc.’. Little by little, those opportunities that they were giving me were materialized and thus I opened up space so as not to be left alone as a contestant and to be able to transcend with a career, because not all of those who came out of there managed to maintain themselves ”, he explains.

jorge heredia, Eduardo Andrade and Michela Pincay They were contestants just like Denise and they also became TV presenters. She says that she still has a lot of affection for them. “With Eduardo, Jorge Y Michela We have a super nice group. The affection and admiration we have for each other is beautiful because we met from that first day. We went in to see what was going on and now seeing how each one has evolved is very cool. Knowing that these people have traveled the same path as me, know how much it has cost, means a lot and that is why we get along so well. If someone launches a project, we all support it and we are there commenting on it, making a statement”.

Denise he feels that everything that has happened to him has flowed. He has not been forced, things have been happening little by little. From now to the next ten years, he does not know what will happen to his career, he does not know if he will be here or in another country, because he would “love to be able to leave Ecuador to Colombia, the Dominican Republic, the United States”… “No I know, exploring other things in other countries is something that attracts my attention on television or in the medium as such”, he expresses.

Nevertheless, Denise she is very grateful because not everyone can work in their country and continue enjoying their people. “I feel that with the public we are a family because I talk to them on Instagram as if we were lifelong friends and it is that I have indeed grown in the eyes of the public. They knew me when I was 17, now I’m 30, so I reckon they know me well.”

In this years, Denise She has also had to find ways to keep in touch with her followers and to update herself, because when she rose to fame, the rise of social networks had just begun and she had to adapt to the different platforms and invite her fans to meet her through of them. “I love TikTok, it’s a platform that catches me, but sometimes I don’t record anything. It is not easy being a TV character and migrating to social networks, however, I try. On Instagram I am more active, I upload photos of my dogs, of my food, but with TikTok I am adapting, ”she says.

As for your dogs, Denise He has two females and they are his favorites. Inside, she says that her house is the space where she enjoys herself the most. “It’s my safe place, my sacred corner,” she describes. Santiago Y Martin, his children, are “two totally different people, one is 6 and the other 4, they are in different stages. My house is like my nest, I take care of it. Although I publish many things that I do with them, there are also many that I do not expose because I try to maintain that family privacy and I love that it is so.

the inner circle of Denise They are her cousins, friends from school and college. “I have many friends in the middle, whom I love, but I relate more to my family. I really leave work and I disconnect, I don’t live for show business or I’m pending. Sometimes I find out about things that happen after a long time because I try to disconnect at home and separate the professional sphere from the personal one ”.

Although he loves children, Denise She doesn’t think she is ready for another baby because she feels that she has been a good mother and that she has given herself to her children, in their first years of life, but it is time to refocus. “Losing weight, breastfeeding, no thanks,” jokes the presenter from Guayaquil. “This body has been hard for me to get back, ha ha ha, and I am training hard in the gym, I try to eat healthy.”

Together with her husband, Maikol OchoaYou are already planning your next vacation. They love to travel and were recently in Europe, and their next destination is a little further away, he says. “In Japan there is a Mario Bros. amusement park, so we want to go with our children.” If there is one thing they want, it is that their parents can enjoy more moments like this with them.

“It is inevitable not to stop thinking about the health of my father and my mother. 2022 was a difficult year for us, my dad had some strokes, a lot of therapy, so seeing him sick has affected me, but I have encouraged and supported them. One of the things I most want this year is for them to recover,” says the public figure. (AND)