“I have never been one of those who bring guard”: Maribel Guardia

The Covid left a sequel in Maribel Guardia that is not physical but emotional. The singer, actress and host will premiere the talk show “This is already personal” on Unicable and during the presentation, she revealed that the coronavirus causes a change in attitude that she has not yet overcome.

When talking about the pleasure she had always had in contact with the public, Maribel explained that during the pandemic it was different: “I have always accepted that people approach me and touch me… well, with the Covid, my taste was taken away. .. but I’m already recovering it”, he said with a smile in between.

Maribel Guardia assured that her talk show is based precisely on direct contact with the public: “the base is the same, a group of people who come here to tell us their story.”

Guardia pointed out that this talk show allows him to overcome precisely that stage of fear due to direct contact with people since, in fact, throughout his career he has always tried to be close to his fans.

“It is a format with a lot of human contact, which is something I have done in my career. Whenever I go to the palenques, I like to be in contact with the public. I have never been one of those who bring guards, I never bring people who separate me from the public. This program is going to allow me to do it because I love it when people tell me their problems, I like to chime in and advise them.”

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