“I have never had a rich husband or dad; I look after myself and my son”: Erika Buenfil is sincere

Erika Buenfil She is proud, at this point in her life, of the things she has achieved after going through a couple of emotional and economic downturns that put her in crisis.

The death of her mother in 2007 and the few job opportunities during the first decade of the 21st century led her to reinvent herself with the help of her son Nicolás, a teenager who is now a major force.

Erika Buenfil, proud of what she has achieved as an influencer

“I don’t sit idly byI have always been very restless and productive, and I am very managed, independent, I have never had a husband or a rich dad. I have always seen for myself, and now for myself and for my son, ”she tells VANITIES Erika, who started working at a young age, in children’s television programs in Monterrey, her hometown.

In an interview with the magazine, Buenfil says that the way out of that crisis came by chance, when he started doing TikToks despite his son’s opposition. In fact, he says that Nicolás even told him that he did not want him to do more.

“I started as a spectator, and then I did the first tiktok, then another and another, and then the scandal becomes, and Nicolás arrives one day and tells me ‘what a shame, my mother doing Tiktoks, that’s for young people, mine and my friends’, so I swore I wouldn’t do it again, but I hid and did one last one. The next day, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing. And in my whats they said ‘You’re a trending topic’ What am I? What happened? That last TikTok had become a trend, in which I only said: “There is no, there is no Yakult, damn mother, I’m doing a tiktok. There is no dinner. Period, it was a slob. But it was like very surprised to hear me swear,” he told vanities.