“I have visited it, but there is plastic and they won’t let you touch it or anything”: Natti Natasha confesses that she does not have sexual relations with her husband Raphy Pina in jail | People | Entertainment

raphy pina He was sentenced to more than 3 years in prison on charges of illegal possession of an automatic weapon and since then his girlfriend, the singer Natti Natasha, has not separated from the father of her daughter, Vida Isabelle.

The reggaeton singer continues with her artistic career and in the midst of waiting for her husband to serve his sentence, she maintains the best attitude and spirits up because she is convinced that everything will pass and that the days will come to meet again.

From her networks, the interpreter of “Sin Pijama” promotes her musical hits, alternating her days with her facet as a mother, a role that she is reinforcing in the absence of her partner.

Natti Natasha’s act of love for her partner Raphy Pina: she visits him every night in jail

Natti Natasha reveals that there is no intimacy with Raphy Piña in jail

Although the singer does not stop seeing the businessman in the North Carolina jail where he was transferred from Miami, he revealed that he has not had privacy from the compound where he is serving his sentence, reviewed People in Spanish magazine.

In a recent interview on the program “El Vacilón” from the New York radio station, Mega 97.9, Natti Natasha said between laughs and without any shame, that she is waiting for Pina as soon as she leaves to enjoy as they did in the past, sex daily.

“I am waiting for you for a second, when you leave we are going to make a contract that every day it has to be there,” said the artist who would have told her partner as part of the agreement to meet again.

The visits are repeated, but in the prison where Raphy Pina is located it is not allowed, explained Natti.

“No [hay un día específico para visita conyugal], in the federal no. I have visited it, yes, but there is a plastic, because of the Covid-19 they do not let you touch it or anything ”, confessed the artist.

Hence, she stressed that for her having intimate relations with her husband and fiancé is a matter of “hobby”. “Every day (we had sex), jury, jury, of course,” she revealed with a laugh.

The singer has had to deal with harsh comments on the networks, for continuing her life, because there is no other remedy than to continue promoting her songs, go on tour, pose for her photos, and that has earned her the haters talk.

However, Natti Natasha preferred not to remain silent and responded weeks ago to a statement by an Internet user who accused her of being unfaithful to Pina while behind bars.

“Who c.. or with now that my husband is [preso]?”, she responded surprised and furious to the question of a follower who called her unfaithful in a live.

“With nobody, because I am not like you. I am with my husband because I love him and respect him, ”she added to the insolent question that the user asked her.

Natti demonstrates with every gesture and word that her love for Pina is still intact, and this was demonstrated on her recent birthday, when the businessman sent her a luxurious van to celebrate another year of life for her daughter’s mother. (AND)

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