“I haven’t been hit on once since I became Miss France!”

Miss France at 23, single, Diane Leyre wants to be natural and unfiltered. Interview.

Paris Match. You must spend a lot of time photographing yourself, posting on Instagram, on Facebook, is this new to you?
Diane Leyre. Completely. Breaking the natural by wanting to film everything, I have trouble. I don’t know what to post, it’s a real job! And what to say? I want to transmit things that have substance, not banalities. For example, when I remove my make-up live on the networks, it’s to tell the girls: assume yourself without make-up, naturally. There is no need for filters or retouching. With these artifices, the networks are complexes in spades. We only see perfect faces. No ! We have the right to be tired, to have pimples. If “the most beautiful woman in France” shows herself naturally, I send the message: you too can. (…)

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And the gentlemen? They also send you messages of love?
I haven’t been hit on once since I became Miss France! I think the title is scary! And I said so much that I’m not a heart to take, because I want to give my heart to all the French people, that it blocks everyone! [Rires.] I have no problem being alone for a year. (…)

Yet, you have to be showered with compliments, wooed…
Compliments bother me a lot. So I interrupt: “Stop! We laugh but do not try to make beautiful sentences. I prefer someone who makes me laugh rather than someone who declaims a poem about my beauty, that’s it! I need someone who is dynamic, fast, like me.

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