“I hope she will come back”: Marie-Sophie Lacarrau sick, Jacques Legros confides!

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau’s current state of health does not allow her to return for the 1 p.m. news yet. The journalist who has been absent since last December. Doctors had diagnosed him with endophthalmitis. A pathology resulting in the presence of an infectious bacterium in the eye. As a result, she is particularly sensitive to light and must undergo shock treatment. Note that this disease from which she suffers can in the most serious cases lead to blindness. What worry the fans of the one who had taken the place of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Invited on the set of Chez Jordan, Jacques Legros, who replaced her during her absence, spoke on this subject.

Jacques Legros speaks

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau had recently shown a lot of discretion regarding her health concerns. Which only further heightened the concern his fans have been feeling since his absence. She had appeared once in a short video posted on her Instagram account on April 26, but since then there has been no news. What had motivated Jordan Deluxe to ask the question to Jacques Legros.

The current presenter of the 1 p.m. newscast then replied that he could talk about his state of health but not that of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau. He finds indeed that it is up to her to do it. All he wants is for her to come back soon. Everything will of course depend on the progress of the treatment she is following.

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