“I just lost 13 kilos in 4 months”: Fabienne Thibeault talks about her weight problems without filter

During an interview with the magazine Ici Paris, the Quebec singer Fabienne Thibeault, now 69 years old, confided in her fight against overweight.

Mainly known for her role in the rock opera Starmania, Quebec singer Fabienne Thibeault will celebrate her 70th birthday on June 17, 2022. Originally from Montreal, the musician found success in France in the 80s. Fabienne Thibeault has also distinguished herself on radio and television, given that she has regularly participated in the cult show The Big Heads In the 90s. In parallel with her career as a singer, she has also actively participated in the promotion of French terroir. An investment that allowed him to be decorated, obtaining the title of Officer of Agricultural Merit in 2006, before receiving the Legion of Honor 4 years later.

During his life, Fabienne Thibeault led a long fight against overweight. The singer confided in this subject in the columns of the magazine Paris here. “I was overweight for a long time. I weighed 95 kilos. I have just lost 13 kilos in 4 months, by eliminating sugar, bread, pizzas and ready meals. And I’m lucky to have a husband who only cooks fresh“, she revealed. “As a child, I was told: ‘Oh you big one!’. But I was top of my class and had a strong personality. I didn’t feel rejected, I succeeded in my life much better than other beautiful womens”, also added Fabienne Thibeault, who assures that his overweight has never been a hindrance in his life, nor his career.

Fabienne Thibeault: “My goal is to stay around 80 kilos”

I will soon be 70 years old. There, I wanted to find myself better, to walk better, to live better. My goal is to maintain myself around 80 kilos. You have to find your ideal weight“, finally concluded the Quebec singer. For the record, the latter presented her collection of inclusive clothing Picture she Tuesday, April 5, 2022, in collaboration with the designer Edmond Boublilspecialist inplus size“, and the painter Yves Decaudan. On the private side, Fabienne Thibeault shares the life of Christian, a former manager of La Compagnie Créole, for 11 years now.


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