“I knew, I did it on purpose”: this word reviled by his guest voluntarily dropped by Léa Salamé in full live

Invited to France Inter, this Wednesday, May 11, Annie Ernaux was teased by Léa Salamé. Indeed, the journalist did not hesitate to pronounce a word that the author hates!

This Wednesday, May 11, Léa Salamé and Nicolas Demorand received Annie Ernaux in the morning of France Inter. The writer and professor of literature has published a new book, called The young man, released in bookstores on May 5. Thus, on the occasion of her promotion, the writer was present on the set of public radio. But a question from the journalist somewhat destabilized Annie Ernaux: “Who are your Annie Ernaux ‘heirs’ in the young generation of writers?”

A difficult question for the author : “It’s very difficult to talk about heritage in literature”. But Nicolas Demorand wants to know more: “You have relatives, currents of thought…”, he declares at the microphone of France Inter before being cut off by Léa Salamé who then quotes the names of writers: “Edouard Louis, Nicolas Mathieu”. Annie Ernaux then responds: “Nicolas Mathieu, yes, but I mean not only But I’m actually very happy to see that…” “That they claim to be you”, the complete Léa Salamé before pronouncing a word that the writer hates: “That they are fans”.

Léa Salamé: “You don’t like the word fan or being an icon”

A sentence that made Annie Ernaux jump : “I don’t like that word…” But the France 2 journalist admits with a small smile that she used this word voluntarily : “I know, I did it on purpose: You don’t like the word fan or being an icon”. “I still prefer the word fan rather than icon… Oh no, the pious image, wait…” Certainly the writer will remember this interview in the company of Léa Salamé who did not hesitate to sting her guest, as she very often does in the morning of France Inter, alongside Nicolas Demorand.


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