“I know there can be many characters”

The great trajectory of the first actor Ignacio Lopez Tarso It has not been enough for many producers, who have practically forgotten it, since there have been several years in which the actor has not had any project in film or television, however, he is still open to the possibilities that may come like those that are coming. for 2023 with the Gloria Trevi bioseries and a special partition in Como dice el dicho.

Happy to have a new opportunity at the hands of the producer Genoveva Martínez, the first actor takes it like a balm, after a long period off the frame, pointing out that not being present on screen is not his responsibility.


“They do not call me, I do not produce, I have never produced, neither film nor television, I produced theater for the first time now in the pandemic, that nobody moved and I did nothing, I had already done nothing for half a year and been in my lazy house, so I proposed and told my son Juan Ignacio: ‘search’, and he took me to the virtual theater and I have recorded seven plays in one act with my son and that’s how I got through the pandemic.

“Nobody called me, I looked for how to do it, I looked for my own work. They don’t call me because since they know I’m ninety-seven years old, they have to say: ‘he doesn’t get out of bed anymore’, and no, I lead my normal life, I walk, I talk, I do everything necessary, but they don’t know, So I think that many times they don’t call me for that, they imagine that at my age I can’t do anything anymore”.


Despite the shortage of work, the actor does not allow his spirits and love for his work to falter in any way. “I continue with the same enthusiasm and the same desire to find new characters and good stories, which is what the actor needs in theater, cinema, television, wherever, I don’t get discouraged, because I know there can be many characters for me”, the great López Tarso told us. Regarding the possibility of not only producing on stage, but also taking his experience to television, the actor is emphatic in staying out of this possibility.

“It means getting into a lot of trouble that I don’t want, I know the difficulties there are in producing television and movies, they are very complicated, if you don’t have a broadcaster, like Televisa or one of these new companies that are making very good television, it’s impossible. They can say: ‘López Tarso wants to work, then give him to produce, to look for good stories’, I would, but there has not been that proposal until now, ”he said.


Happy to be an inspiration for the new generations, López Tarso recalls with great spirits the actors he has seen born and become industry benchmarks: “I don’t think I’m a benchmark, but I like it and I learn a lot, I’ve done works like King Lear, of Shakespeare, for the UNAM in the Juan Ruiz de Alarcón Theater, at the University, where he was surrounded by pure young actors who have all made a career, there was Alejandro Camacho, Humberto Zurita, Blanca Guerra, Alejandro Tommasi, very young, two or three more than I don’t remember, but it was a group of eight or ten guys who were very young and already well known, but who were really starting an important career, I was delighted to work with them, I really like working with young people, feeling the impulse of young people , to learn and know more, I like that, companions in the theater, cinema and television ”.

At peace with what has been offered throughout his career, the actor feels grateful to be able to continue doing what he likes the most. “I feel very comfortable, calm, I don’t boast of anything, but I am emotionally calm, I know that I have done what I should have done, I am a serene, calm people, I have learned order, discipline and I know how to hold on and shut up when I must, I know how to speak when I must speak, and I know how to scream and lie mad… too, but I’m happy”.

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