“I love girls as much as boys”: Angèle confides in her love life like never before

In an interview published on January 31 in Vogue magazine, which she covers, singer Angèle talks about her love life and her attraction to girls, born when she was 13 years old.

Confidences without taboo. Angèle confides in several intimate subjects, in particular on her love life in a long interview published on January 31.

The young Belgian singer says that from the age of 13, she felt that she was “also attracted to girls”, but that she repressed this attraction, in particular because in the private Catholic establishment she attended , he has long been told that “it is against nature to be homosexual”, but also because of the injunctions of society.

“There is nothing to do: you walk in the street, at the airport, you watch the advertisements… when you are shown a couple, it is always a straight couple, and if it is a couple gay, that’s the point. (…) So, at the start, the attraction for girls, it was something that I repressed, of course”, she explains, before adding: “But being bi, it suited me to be so attracted to guys – because I really like boys as much as girls. It made it easier to hide it.”

Angela was then in a relationship with a woman and therefore “no longer considered girls as a parenthesis”, she underlines. “When I felt feelings for a girl, to the point of having a relationship, I could no longer consider girls as a parenthesis. I said to myself inside: ‘Angèle, all your life you have tried to keep this door closed, now that it is open, we are there.

Protect your personal life

It doesn’t get any easier, she says. “I may have spoken about homosexuality, having written Your Queen and not Your King, having become a bisexual icon for some, there are a thousand little things in everyday life that remind you that you are on the margins” , she regrets.

Asked about his current love situation, the interpreter of “Balance your what” however remained evasive. “That, I no longer want to answer… because my vision of the couple has changed so much (…) At this point in my life, I no longer perceive it as an essentially exclusive bond. I’m more in tune with the idea of ​​polyamory,” she said simply.

As to whether she wants to start a family, the question does not arise for her for the moment. Confident to find the idea of ​​having a child distressing, she gives herself time to think about it and will review the point on the subject “in five years”.

In August 2020, the Brussels artist revealed her bisexuality via an Instagram post. Since then, the singer has become a true icon of the LGBTQ+ community.

Source- https://www.cnews.fr/people/2023-02-01/jaime-autant-les-filles-que-les-garcons-angele-se-confie-comme-jamais-sur-sa-vie