“I love you infinitely”: the phrase with which Amanda Miguel remembered Diego Verdaguer on his birthday

The Argentine interpreter released the last duet she recorded with her husband, “Fuiste tú”.

Amanda Miguel chose April 26, the day Diego Verdaguer would have turned 71, to launch Was youthe last duet they recorded together. The Argentine artist not only surprised her fans with her unexpected delivery, she also moved by dedicating a piece of the song to her deceased husband, while Anna Victoria he did the same remembering how they celebrated his last birthday.

The interpreter of He lied to me He posted a video on his profile Instagram to promote his new song. On the verge of tears, she confessed that she had mixed feelings about the release due to the great absence of the love of her life: “I feel emotional, sad because I don’t have it and wherever it is, may my love reach it”.

In a second video, the Argentine dedicated a stanza of the song written by Ricardo Arjona to her deceased husband, with whom she shared around 47 years: “Seeing you arrive was light, but seeing you leave was a blues”. Inside of himself post He expressed some heartfelt words where he not only shared that the subject meant a lot to Diego Verdaguer, he also expressed a moving congratulations.

  Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer not only conquered with their interpretations, they also shocked the public with their love story.  (Photo: Instagram @diegoverdaguer)
Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer not only conquered with their interpretations, they also shocked the public with their love story. (Photo: Instagram @diegoverdaguer)

“This is a letter for you, Diego: Today on your birthday, we make one more of your dreams come true, launching this wonderful version of Was youthere is no better way to celebrate this day than with our latest duet. I love you infinitely, Diego Verdaguer. Happy birthday my love!” he wrote.

It should be remembered that the interpreter of I will be back lost his life on January 27, 2022 after being hospitalized for complications derived from his COVID-19 infection. The news shocked the artistic world at an international level, especially his Mexican fans; Although the artist was not born in Mexico, he built a large part of his career together with his wife in the country.

Ana Victoria also remembered her father on such a special day. From her Instagram stories, she shared some videos that she recorded during the family celebration they had last year on the occasion of Diego Verdaguer’s 70th birthday. In the images you can see the singer walking and opening the gift she received from her daughter and her son-in-law.

(Capture: @soyanavictoria/Instagram)
(Capture: @soyanavictoria/Instagram)

Later he posted another video from his memory chest. On that occasion she was in the company of her parents and showed off her baby bump, because he was in the sweet expectation of his first-born Lucca. The 38-year-old singer added a heartfelt message in memory of her father, where she urged her followers to enjoy every moment they live with her loved ones.

“Enjoying this heat wave as a family – if you have your parents; to your loved ones, enjoy them to the fullest!” (I wrote that a year ago and by fate I never uploaded this video)…Today I found it in my draftsa year ago we were together here in Rest Gardens doing what you liked the most, walking in nature and enjoying its beauty“, started.

The video clip of the song is about to reach 20 views on YouTube.  (Capture: @soyanavictoria/Instagram)
The video clip of the song is about to reach 20 views on YouTube. (Capture: @soyanavictoria/Instagram)

Life impacts me, as now it is my son who accompanies me and helps me fill this immense void that you left. I love and miss you so much. Life without you costs me a lot, but here I am and will always continue to follow in your footsteps. ETERNAL LOVE DAD. Thank you again for everything you gave me and your whole family… you were our light and we always remember you, you don’t know how much it hurts not to be able to hug you, ”she concluded.

After the departure of Diego Verdaguer, his wife and youngest daughter have found refuge in little Lucca, a baby who was born in November 2021 and his grandfather had the opportunity to meet him.


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