“I loved alcohol, but he didn’t love me back”: Dave Coulier celebrates his 2 years of abstinence

He had decided to do away with alcohol and it’s been done for two years now! We are talking here about Dave Coulierthe actor of the cult series The house party. He had indeed distanced himself from the drink during the new year 2020 when, drunk, he had crashed his face against stone steps. The actor returned to this accident by displaying his bloody face on social networks.

Dave Coulier then explained on Instagram: “I was a drunk. Yes. An alcoholic. I have been free from the influence of alcohol since January 1, 2020. I could make people laugh until they crumbled. In this photo, I’m the one who fell on the ground. Not because I played hockey or did things I loved, like chopping wood, building, golfing, fishing, or gliding. I got hit and fell down the stairs.“Dave Coulier had admitted that he adored the”beers with friends“that he was often the one left last after having chained drinks for eight hours, which could leave him in the”coal tar” for two days. “I liked the booze, but he didn’t like me back“, thus released the actor proud of his two years of abstinence on his account Instagram.

I have decided to make a decision for my own health, my family and for those around me whom I love so dearly. (…) The psychological and physical transformation has been incredible. The sky is bluer, my heart isn’t closed anymore, and I love making people laugh until they drop more than ever. Thank you Melissa [sa femme] to be by my side. I love you”, concluded the star in tribute to his wife.

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/-j-aimais-l-alcool-mais-il-ne-m-aimait-pas-en-retour-dave-coulier-fete-ses-2-ans-d-abstinence_a483034/1