“I married him just for the sex!” : Lola Marois, her cash secrets about her relationship with Bigard

Jean-Marie Bigard and Lola Marois got married 10 years ago. May 27, 2011, to be exact. A union which gave birth to two children, the twins Bella, and Jules, aged 9 years. But what was love at first sight, drew heavy criticism at the time. Indeed, 38 years separate the comedian and the actress: “JI was very upset. I was not a very carefree 24 year old girl. I already had a lot of experience. This experience, these flaws and these neuroses were very complementary with him. He’s someone who has suffered a lot.” she explained in an interview in 2020. Moreover, Lola Marois, shared her concerns about the health of her husband, on the set of TPMP. While, more recently, she spoke once again about her couple. This Tuesday, January 18, 2022, in the columns of the magazine Playboy.

Lola Marois: “I’ve been asked a lot of dumb questions”

Determined to silence the gossips. Who, even after 10 years of marriage, continue to question the sincerity of their love. Questioned by the journalist, Lola Marois did not hesitate to throw cash: ” I’ve been asked a lot of dumb questions. But the one that wins the Oscar is when people ask me if I really married Jean-Marie for love!“, she revealed, before responding to her detractors: “ There are times, I want to play it provocative, no, no, I married him only for sex!“, she let go, ironically. Before continuing, putting an end to this false debate: “ At this level, I really have nothing to prove except the things that speak for themselves: the years that pass by his side, the fact that he is the father of my children and that despite all the media storms we’ve been through, we’re still together”, she revealed.

In a previous interview, broadcast on the channel Non Stop People, Lola Marois said: “People may think of course that maybe he had his eye on a 24-year-old, blond, bimbo girl, but there was something much stronger than that and a very intellectual connection”, had explained the actress. Who had also confided that her husband was not quite separated from his previous wife at the time: “ When I met him, he was physically separated from his wife (…) They had two different apartments. It was a tacit agreement that each lived his life but they remained married, there was a great attachment between them”, she confided to Evelyne Thomas.

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