“I no longer shot at all”: Aurélie Vaneck talks about her “hard” period after leaving Plus belle la vie

Tuesday, July 5, 2022 was broadcast an exceptional bonus of More beautiful life. Entitled reunion, it brought together a panel of former iconic actors who have worked in the series over the past seventeen years. A very special episode which was shot on the occasion of the end of the cult program of France 3, which must stop next November.

Aurelie Vaneck was notably one of the ex-stars to have made a comeback at the Mistral. For ten years, the actress played the role of Ninon Chaumette, from 2004 to 2014. Having become very popular thanks to fiction, she did not however see her career take off. In a documentary aired after the prime reunionAurélie Vaneck rightly explained that she experienced a long slump after More beautiful life. “For a few years I didn’t tour at all“, she confessed. And to qualify this period “a bit harsh“.”It did not work. A energy stuff didn’t work. It was not necessary that I turn, I do not know“, she added referring to her castings missed.

Inevitably, this brutal return to reality and the fact of being “faced with rejection” was difficult. Especially since Aurélie Vaneck has meanwhile become the mother of two children, Liberté (13 years old, born of her relationship with Jean-François Salessy) and Charlie (soon to be six years old, born of her marriage to Sébastien Alquier ).”We go from one work rhythm to another, from one standard of living to another too, there is a real reality. I have children so I was a little stressed anyway“, she still recognized. Thus, the actress believes she has “crossed his little desert“.”This job is great when you’re working, but very hard when you’re not working“, she analyzes.

Far from twiddling her thumbs, Aurélie Vaneck decided to retrain and notably trained in kinesiology. She even launched a jewelry brand with her ex-playing partner Anne Decis (aka Luna Torres in More beautiful life). An adventure that ended recently. No question of letting go of comedy. Aurélie Vaneck had the opportunity to play in Camping Paradise, Cain, perfect felonies but also The trainee, public enemy or Léo Matteï, miners’ brigade.

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