“I only talk about the beautiful”: Mecano’s ex-vocalist gives his opinion on Shakira’s subject and proposes to Piqué to write a song so that he can also “invoice” | People | Entertainment

It seems that the plot of the story of Shakira and Gerard Piqué is being written day by day like an old soap opera. Step by step, other actors add different nuances to the passionate drama, where the crucial touch was given by the singer with her ‘Music Sessions # 53’.

In the song that the Colombian recorded in collaboration with Bizarrap, she attacks Piqué, Clara Chía and her ex-mother-in-law, which is why the topic has divided public opinion and the world of show business.

Many celebrities have already spoken about it, some are from Team Shakira and others from Team Piqué. This time it was the turn of the ex-vocalist and composer of Mecano, Nacho Cano, who spoke about this controversy.

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Nacho Cano: ex-vocalist of Mecano gives his opinion on the subject of Shakira

The singer and producer, during his visit to the Spanish program ‘Espejo público’, was asked his opinion about the artist’s latest single, to which he replied: “Well, it’s a girl that I imagine is… Write about what you feel” , he indicated trying to measure his words.

The host, Susanna Griso, interrupted him to ensure that Shakira is a spiteful woman: “Spiteful, the word is spiteful,” she commented.

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Nacho, in an attempt to add a humorous note to the conversation, sent the ex-soccer player some advice so that he also pays attention to his controversial personal life.

“Well, now we will have to see what song the other (Piqué) does, right? I would have to make a topic. That he make a song, that he put it on Spotify, it will give him more, ”he added.

Griso asked him if he, as a composer, also took the opportunity to dedicate songs to his ex-partners. Cano admitted that many of his successes are based on his sentimental failures.

“I only talk about the beauty, and with all my ex-girlfriends I have a great relationship. With all. There is no one who speaks ill of me, that I know of, “she concluded.


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